Well it is about time I started using my account on here.

Hey all , I'm Joe A U.K based Amateur Strongman ( I think that is the correct U.S. term ) .

I'm due to compete in my last Novice Bloodstock's Strongest Man - the qualifier was held on the 28th May , I finished 4th missing podium by half a point! Bloodstock has a crowd of 18,000 in and around the areana so its one hell of a last novice.

Currently on week 2 of a 10 week block leading into the comp 8/10/2018.

Last night during box squats I had some pain around my coccyx , and today I'm pretty locked down . The Mr's dropped me at the office and I'm sat in a belt trying to move around as much as a I can and throw the belt off later. See how things go this week basically to see If I'm good to compete.

With the blip in the road I figured now was the time to start using the forum. I train in a commercial gym at the moment so surrounding myself with like minds should help keep me on course.

This pain is easing up hour by hour so I'm confident is not a disc having blown my L5-S1 in 2012 and coming back from that.

So first session logged this was



185 KG 10 Sets of 3 407LB

Box Squat

120 Straight weight 80 KG in double folded bands Approx 440 LB

3 X 1

Had a niggle

Stripped the weight to 80 plus bands for the remaining 350 LB
9 X 3

Gym was closing so quick accessories and done.

Deadlift felt amazing till set 7 , no straps and belt. Put a Rehaband belt on for 8 and straps ( we are aloud straps in comp ). Bar started to fly again and I was asked if I was doing speed work so thumbs up !

Removing box squats swapping for more front.