Does anyone have any experience in low fat, high carb bulking/weight gain.

My interest has been peaked by Broderick Charvez thoughts on the matter, the cliff notes essentially are:
-excess fat is stored as fat very readily where is carbs can been stored as muscle/liver glycogen, a more biologically intensive process is required to store carbs as fat
-the body prefers carbs as a fuel source
-sufficient fat is available in animal proteins to meet our needs for fat soluble nutrients (i'm not sure on the validity of this)

Assuming sex hormone production is irrelevant and you supplement with EFAs how low can/have you pushed your fats?
What are the signs of them being too low?
Anything else I should be aware of?

My motivation for this is lean gains (a dumb phrase but it is the best I have) as well as not distressing my digestive system as I struggle to digest fats and stay more hungry on higher carbs.

I'm currently about 5 days into a 25-40g of fat diet (bw @ 218lbs) at around about maintenance calories with no negative side effects, caloric increases will be from carbs only. Got bloodwork just prior to starting so I am keen to see how those result will have changed in 2 months (Assuming I make it that far lol)