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oh no I didn't miss that. That's why I said what I said about the Military shirts. Animal gave away 10 and only like 5 of us put in for them. No one signed up. I ever kept the post going and reminded everyone. Like I said not trying to piss on anyone but when things like that are done and no response is given, it goes elsewhere like IG because the response there is greater. I miss the days when it was that way years ago, but I think the supply and demand has changed. we still have those things just not as much, I cant say I don't blame corp though, if it was my company I prob would be focusing on the social media side because it draws in the most unfortunately for us on the forum that lessens our chances but as tried and true that doesn't really matter to me, I will still be here with no expectations. I know NG and Jdawg miss those days as well but there are more decision makers that see bigger sights than just us. Im in no way saying im right, I don't think there is a right or wrong. Just don't want the ones on here to sound demanding because it kind of does.
Well if people are demanding...I am still demanding a 5xl tall Animal shirt that I can purchase. I would pay price and a half with no desire for kick backs...just want me an Animal shirt :) Glad you are back out of the shadows.