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I know its only been a short amount of time...but are you feeling or seeing any changes? I know its a marathon and not a sprint but just curious
My schedule for the holidays has killed my regularity. Getting back on track now and pushing foreword

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I feel that low handle trap bar deadlifts can contribute a lot to increasing your deadlift. It doesn't trash you half as mach as a regular deadlift and really builds up leg strength, the upper back and the glutes.
While carry over is not as high as variants with a straight bar for me this is far outweighed by the fact that it can be trained with far greater volumes and frequency.

Trap bar deadlifts add meat to the frame, straight bar deadlifts are good for demonstrating strength.

I like to alternate between weeks of heavy work and technique work for straight bar deadlifts. With a trashed back you ain't pulling personal records so recovery is equally important.

Eddie Hall and most other strongmen are just deadlifting super heavy every other week. Thought this doesn't apply to me as I'm literally half their size but apparently it does.
Totally plan on doing some work with a trap bar too. Iím following a % based program right now but like the alternating intensities. Might try that later. Might be what clicks