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02-11-09, 11:03 pm
OK I want to go to the arnold this year.

Im planning on flying out march 5th (thursday and getting there at night).

Hotels? what is close to the arnold, cheap. I don't mind a shitty hotel just as long as I have a roof over my head.

Any advantages/special events for coordinators attending taking place????

02-11-09, 11:18 pm
You HAVE to book in advance. Right now you might even have to look in neighboring cities. Get on that now!

02-12-09, 2:04 pm
motel 6...i think i'm stayin at the University one..it's not too far out of the city only about 10 miles or so...and it's only 55 a night or somethin like that

02-12-09, 2:55 pm
I am at the Baymont on Olentangy river road about 6 miles away from convention center. Room rates are about $139 a night but I am not sure if any available still. I did get a chance for the regency that is connected to the convention center. They had a cancelation and called me and I wouldnt have the money for 2 days and they couldnt wait so they gave it to someone else. Every other hotel would draw the money at checkout.

I was very upset with having to give that one up.

you can go to arnoldsportsfestival.com and they have a list of hotels there you can call.

I always go there and then use google earth to locate and find the dirictions around the area.

02-12-09, 2:59 pm
Just good columbus, ohio hotels. They will come up! The more the merrier!

02-12-09, 5:35 pm
If I were you just go to priceline.com name your own price and see what happens. Look towards Dublin/Worthington ,its only about 8-10 minutes from the Arnold.

02-16-09, 11:15 am
Yeah, I think at this point, if anyone didn't book a hotel, you're looking at something about 8-10 miles away. Throughout the weekend, there's 150,000-200,000 people from all over the country (and world) staying in that town. It's going to be packed.

02-16-09, 2:30 pm
personally I don't care how close I am..what's the point of paying 200 a night to be a block away from it when you could have a few minute drive, only have to pay 60 per night and be a few miles outside the city

i'd rather stay at a cheap hotel and spend the rest of my money on stuff at the cage

02-25-09, 12:15 am
EXUB - we don't have Miami traffic here in Columbus. If you are staying 12 miles north of the Expo, you are only about 15 minutes away. You will spend more time parking and walking than you will driving.