View Full Version : Special thanks to the Animal Interns

03-09-09, 3:16 pm
We ran a promo to have some interns/volunteers work The Cage this year. These guys were an integral part of a very successful weekend and the biggest Cage to date.

I just want thank them for helping out:

B Con

Digitalbeast couldn't make it but I am sure he would have pitched in.

A big thanks to all the FORVM members as well. Several of you stepped up when it was real busy and helped out. The Cage was the place to be all weekend and the talk of the Expo.

Universal Rep
03-09-09, 3:18 pm
Toast to all the interns....

03-09-09, 3:31 pm
it was an honor to be able to help out in every way possible!

B Con
03-09-09, 3:36 pm
In thanking me I wanted to thank you all for the great opportunity. We were swamped Saturday but got it done. Was an awesome experience and true definition of family.

Thanks to everyone at Universal for everything they do both in and out of the office and getting things going. The hard work is worth it when a plan comes off as good as the Cage did. Great work. We sold out of pretty much everything.

Also a huge thanks to everyone that stopped by, wore black, attended the Cage, and held their own.

G Diesel
03-09-09, 4:04 pm
My boys did a great job holding it down in The Box and keeping the sign-ups rolling... Awesome contributions fellas, you were a pleasure to work with. Peace, G

03-09-09, 4:40 pm
All of you guys did an awesome of job of helping out wherever we needed help. It was much appreciated and I hope you guys got a great time at The Cage. Way to go fellas.

G Diesel
03-09-09, 4:45 pm
All good dudes too... I just enjoyed hanging out and shooting the shit with you guys.

Peace, G