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05-18-09, 12:49 pm

Let's welcome aboard treetrunklegs, who will be Animal's new ABC co-chairman alongside G Diesel. treetrunklegs will help ensure that the various ABC chapters have the help that they need to grow larger and to give a jolt to any ABCs that are starting out. Welcome aboard brother.

05-18-09, 12:56 pm
Nice work TTL.

It will be nice to see you keep checking in on us from time to time.


G Diesel
05-18-09, 12:57 pm
TTL is an awesome addition to the ABC hierarchy... His competitive background and enthusiasm for the lifestyle will infuse the ABCs with fresh blood and new life. I'm honored to have him in the mix, leading the vision and growth of the Animal Barbell Club for years to come.

Working alongside guys like naturalguy, Enforcer, now treetrunklegs and the many coordinators around the country has always reinforced to me the sense of brotherhood that is so essential to the spirit of the ABCs. These are hard working, serious iron warriors who have long been committed to what we do, but even more importantly, they are good people.

Welcome my brother... We have much work ahead of us.

Peace, G

05-18-09, 1:07 pm
Much appreciated guys. I am very eager to take on this challenge and help it keep moving. This summer will be a big one, and one to remember for sure.

05-18-09, 1:07 pm
congrats, TTL...

05-18-09, 1:24 pm
Congratulations bro. Lets make this summer's ABCs a memorable one.

05-18-09, 2:12 pm

B Con
05-18-09, 2:15 pm
Congrats well deserved.

05-18-09, 2:17 pm
Good stuff...the movement will only get stronger.

Mr. Dead
05-18-09, 4:33 pm
HUUUGE congrats!!!

05-19-09, 7:34 pm
Congrats bro!!!!

05-19-09, 7:42 pm
I know you will do an awesome job TTL!

05-19-09, 7:56 pm
HUGE CONGRATS BRO. now dont forget about us lil guys. LOL. I know u will kick ass along G Diesel.

05-19-09, 8:10 pm
Huge congrats TTL.

05-19-09, 9:04 pm
Congrats bro!

Universal Rep
05-29-09, 6:18 pm
Congrats, TT... Nice work.

Feel The Power
05-29-09, 6:23 pm
congrats TTL!

05-29-09, 9:53 pm
What a great opportunity, congrats TTL....well deserved.

01-07-13, 10:42 pm
Congrats brotha

P Diesel
01-07-13, 10:51 pm
nice cousin! well deserved is an understatment


01-07-13, 11:25 pm
Congrats brotha

nice cousin! well deserved is an understatment


Shhhh... It's a secret, but he has been since 2009...


N. Motta
01-07-13, 11:48 pm
Holy random bump.

01-08-13, 10:05 am
haha thanks fellas.

01-08-13, 10:08 am
3.5 year bump. The good ol' days of treetrunklegs, lol.

01-08-13, 10:53 am
nice cousin! well deserved is an understatment


Shhhh... It's a secret, but he has been since 2009...

WTF? Is P Diesel living in a cave?

Even the Samoans out here on the West Coast knew that years ago.


01-08-13, 11:01 am
Well since it's been bumped it's a nice time to critique the Co Chair position. hahah Just Kidding.

Christian does an awesome job and is always supportive of my small branches requests for stuff and always encouraging. I'm sure he and G both put in tons of behind the scenes work we dont see and I appreciate the continued support to make a world wide brotherhood feel like a family get together everytime it happens.

04-01-13, 7:14 pm
Well deserved Congrats bro.

04-01-13, 9:07 pm
That's awesome man!... Life changing opportunity from all the hard work!

04-11-13, 4:24 pm
Having the first ABC Meet for The Phoenix Animal Club @ Metroflex Gym on May 4th 2013 at 9 am. Cost just your lunch and non Gym members have a guest pass fee of 5.00. Training Legs that day need some idea's guys. Hoping to be a fun but hard day Animal style.
Hope to see anyone thats in the vicinity to come down and join us.

Plans are in the works to do a Charity event upcoming to Raise money for local underprivileged kids or Phoenix Children's Hospital. Interest is growing on this future event. Hope to gain the board and Corporates support for this one so I'll keep you posted as things progress.