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Animal Rep
07-15-09, 10:42 am
Q: Why did the Animal Cuts formula change?

A: Though Animal Cuts doesn’t have the history of Animal Pak, Cuts has also gone through some evolutions over the years. While Animal Cuts is among the best-selling diet supplements currently, we knew it could there was still room for improvement. This time around though, this latest version represents a major revolution, a complete overhaul.

A quick look at the new Supplement Facts will clearly prove this is so. Newly enhanced Thermogenic, Metabolic and Thyroid Complexes highlight the new version along with the addition of new Nootropic, Cortisol-Inhibiting and CCK-Inhibiting Complexes. All this now makes the new Animal Cuts more potent than ever, and much more complete. In addition, the product has changed physically as well.

Animal Cuts will now contain 9 total capsules. There are no more tablets in the product. By using only capsules in Animal Cuts, its ultra-concentrated formula will now get into your system quicker and more efficiently than ever. With the new Animal Cuts, you should feel it working faster.

Before we launched it, we tested it extensively. Based on the latest Alpha Testing, on average, individuals lost over 9 pounds in three weeks. So on paper and in the trenches, we are absolutely confident about the new Cuts.

The new Animal Cuts has been launched 7/15/09.

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06-10-10, 12:55 pm
I loved the old formula of cuts. I never had a problem with it. The new one for some odd reason made my face break out terribly after four days. I stopped taking it and it cleared up. I had plenty of water. (close to a gallon a day if not more) I don't eat shit. (Micky D's etc) Could it be an allergic reaction? Any one else have this problem? My current stack is : Pak, M-Stak and Storm.

Animal Rep
06-10-10, 2:01 pm
It could possibly be an allergic reaction, I dont believe there is anything in there that would cause acne. Usually a product that would do that would be something that is effecting your testosterone.