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G Diesel
08-07-09, 11:53 am
Big shout to all Animal supporters, ABC constituents and coordinators around the globe,

July in Review
The midsummer Jersey humidity wasn’t the only thing that was hot in Animal country. The month of July was on fire with Animal events taking place far and wide and setting the tone for an even bigger August.

In my neck of the woods we had a huge gathering at the hardcore haven that is Edison, New Jersey’s Apollon Gym. It was steamy in there that Saturday afternoon, so I had to stay ultra-hydrated training delts and guns with Wides, Tek and Punisher. Let’s just say I blew through my Intra-Aid about 15 minutes into the session. The environment was focused and intense, the ideal setting for growth, as I blasted the iron surrounded by Ox, Big Ant, Big Al, The Giant Killer, NG, TTL, Aggression, Toni, Joey D and the rest of the crew. Even Dorian was in the house. Beyond all that corporate hooked us up with the sweet new Animal Cuts white tank top. Check out all the pics here: http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=26736

July saw much activity all across the Animal Barbell Club map with events in Western N. Carolina, Pittsburgh, Iowa, Utah and the Ohio Valley as well as overseas in Malaysia. It is phenomenal to see the great plague spread across the land. In some locales in dramatic fashion, which leads me to the highlight gathering of the month which took place in Orlando, Florida.

Orlando Strongman ABC
The Animals of the Central Florida/Orlando ABC chapter, led by their fearless leader Hercules held the world’s first all-strongman ABC event. Clad in their Animal gear these Floridian Animals spent the afternoon of Saturday, July 25th flipping tires, clean and pressing logs and hoisting Atlas stones just to name a few of the many labors Hercules laid before them. These brothers took the basic gathering principle of the ABCs and made it their own, setting a precedent and a new standard for us all to live up to. To see their exploits check their photo thread in The Gallery: http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?p=767002#post767002

It is for this reason that the Orlando ABC has been chosen as this month’s chapter of the month led by coordinator of the month of July ’09, Hercules. Surrounded by FORVM heavyweights the likes of BigDubbDiesel, Ironjaw and Cstlfx, Herc has differentiated himself from the masses of mass with his dedication, vision and commitment to the Animal Barbell Club movement. These hardcore fellas have put their own personal stamp on the face of the ABCs and we’ve all taken notice. Much respect.

Europa Regional ABC
While on the topic of making a big splash, we’re gearing up to do exactly that at the Europa which is now just a few short days away. On Sunday, August 16th at 11am, we’ll be holding our second annual Metroflex ABC at the legendary Arlington, Texas dungeon that birthed an 8x Mr. Olympia. If you’re within driving distance of the lone star state, I’m planning on seeing you there. I’ll be there banging the iron with my brother from another mother Wrath, The Freak, newly signed Universal athlete and resident Texas freak Steve Kuclo as well my Jersey hardknock brethren naturalguy and TreeTrunkLegs. Here’s a link to get further details on the Europa Regional ABC: http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=26404

Jersey ABC: Skiba's Barbell, Saturday 8/22/09
Less than a week later, no doubt still reeling from the madness that is Metroflex, we’ll be tearing it down at Skiba's Barbell. It will be our 2nd event at Henri legendary hole in the wall powerlifting club in Carteret, NJ. This ain’t exactly your average gym and as such, the Animal crew will do such a hardcore haven justice with the very first Animal Iron Athlete competition. Here athletes will rep to failure in powerlifting’s big 3: the bench, squat and deadlift. Athletes will be able to do a single lift or all three in either the bodyweight, 225 lb or 315 lb categories. Stats and records will be recorded all year long on the FORVM with the championships at the Arnold Classic in March. Beyond the first incarnation of the AIA, the ABCs at Skiba’s will also have plenty of time for you to get in your scheduled workout and maybe pick up a tip or two from the legion of competitive powerlifters that call Skiba’s home. Ox, Vinny, G Diesel, Tek, naturalguy, treetrunklegs, The Giant Killer, Aggression and Enforcer plus many more will all be in the house. The details are as follows:

Saturday, 8/22/09, 1pm
Skiba’s Barbell Club
587 Roosevelt Ave
Carteret, NJ 07008

Come toss around some iron, grab some grub, shoot the shit and learn how to become a better bodybuilder. Become a part of the movement that is the Animal Barbell Club.

From the mouth of my co-chairman, treetrunklegs…
“So far we have had a great summer of ABCs. This week G, NG, and myself will be venturing out of our domain down to Texas to attend the Europa and have a good old fashioned event at Metroflex. I would say you wouldn’t want to miss this one, training with a few pros, including The Freak, and Wrath could be time well spent. There are going to be a few changes in the works for the ABC Coordinators, which will ultimately make things easier for everyone as well as help make some more progress down the journey of the movement. As always new members and chapters are welcome and we urge you to voice your opinions on what you would like to continue to push forward. Be easy and keep training brothers.” -TTL

Thank you one and all for your dedication and commitment to the iron lifestyle, to Animal and to the ABCs.

Until next time, stay on your grind and go hard.

Peace, G Diesel

Wanna Be a Part of the Animal Barbell Club?
It’s easy. Find an event in your area, show up wearing your favorite Animal shirt and be ready to train, hard. If you can’t find a chapter close to you, find an interested gym, some motivated brothers and represent--take the initiative and step right up to start your own chapter by posting your details right here in a new thread on The Board http://forum.animalpak.com/forumdisplay.php?f=71 For a complete and current list of ABC chapters, click this link http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=13075

Last Month's Newsletter:

08-07-09, 5:59 pm
Great read G. Congrats to the fellas from Orlando who were chosen as this month’s chapter of the month. Keep up the great work guys.

08-10-09, 2:00 pm
Thank you, G. The Orlando-area ABC Members are among the most committed on the FORVM. Without their untiring desire and intensity, our success would not be anywhere near what it is. I'm proud to call those guys my brothers.

08-10-09, 2:18 pm
We all go hard no atter where we are and thats why we call this place home.... glad to have the opportunity to lift with such ppl

08-10-09, 8:12 pm
Thanks G for recognizing the orlando abc's accomplishments.

08-11-09, 2:02 pm
Appreciate the recognition G. Since the creation of the Animal Barbell Clubs, I feel that the brotherhood has grown tremendously. I am proud to be a part of the animal family and I'm glad central florida is filled with hardcore individuals like myself who share the same passion for the iron. eat big and train hard guys.


08-13-09, 2:59 pm
Congrats guys!

08-23-09, 9:13 am
awesome bro!!!! great read and congrats to all!!!!

08-23-09, 11:10 am
def. a great read, and congrats to the orlando crew for chapter of the month