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12-15-09, 10:25 am
Fellas, I've got some really exciting news for you. We're looking for some Alpha Testers (AT) here at the FORVM to help us do a trial run of our newest Animal prototype, code name "Project Z". If you're at least 18 years old, serious about lifting, and looking for something to help ya recover better, faster, more efficiently, then this Alpha Test is perfect for you. To be part of Project Z, ya gotta post your entry in here.

To do: Ya just gotta tell us why recovery is of critical importance to you and why you want to this new prototype.

When you'll be notified: Winners will be selected @ 12pm on Tuesday, 12/22/09.

Eligibility: Need to have a minimum of 5 posts here. Gotta be 18+ and have a US/APO & FPO/Canadian mailing address. Can't have won anything in the past 30 days.

What to do if you win: You gotta keep a detailed log here: http://forum.animalpak.com/forumdisplay.php?f=123

12-15-09, 10:28 am
holy shit....first in line..project z sounds amazing first off...been wanting to try something to help me recover from my brutal workouts. Seems like even 2 or three days after im still sore, would love to be an alpha tester for something new...I would be very upfront and honest in my opinion of this product..animal would expect nothing less...again thanks for the great opportunity.

12-15-09, 10:29 am
Recovery is important to me because I am running two a day sessions, with cardio in the early a.m. (5 a.m. to be exact.)
It's taking a lot out of me, but the results are phenomenal.
I am currently in Rage's cutting contest and would have to check with him to make sure it wouldn't hinder my progress (if that fact alone doesn't knock me out of the running).

12-15-09, 10:32 am

12-15-09, 10:34 am
Recovery to me is the single most important part of the Game. We all know that we grow when we rest and recover not when we hit the weights. I've got big goals and even Bigger moves to make in the sport and without adequate recovery from my workouts I'll never get there. I'd love the opportunity to help test out a new product from a great company, I've been all Universal for some time now and will never go back. I believe my high intensity/high volume style of training would be a great test for a new Recovery type product. Thanks Universal/Animal for giving us a shot at being the first in line at another top notch product.

12-15-09, 10:36 am
Recovery is key in building muscle. Can't wait to see what goes down with this new product!

12-15-09, 10:37 am
Faster recovery for me would mean I would be able to hit my legs more than once a week. No matter the amount of water I drink or amino's I take after a heavy or voluminous leg day it typically takes 4 to 5 days for the soreness to subside to a level that I can do it all over again. Normally my 2 days after my leg sessions i walk like Edward Norton does in American History X after the shower scene. This is the only body part I have this trouble with. Chest, back, arms, calves, abs, all recover a helluva lot faster than my glutes, hams and quads. If there is a product that could lessen the severity of this or the length of time, I'm game.

12-15-09, 10:38 am
Recovery is just as important as nutrition and sleep.

For me, recovery is the essence of life..... powerlifting takes it's toll on you, and aside from Flex, you need all the help you can get.........
tossin my name in the hat for this one.

J Wong
12-15-09, 10:55 am
This is definitely the type of supplement I need. As a powerlifter, I really need something to aid in recovery. I am prepping for a meet right now and up until March 27th I will be training harder then ever. Between the lifting and being on my feet all night at my job, I feel I need the supplementation to help me recover.

Big C
12-15-09, 10:55 am
Recovery is very important to me....it means I can be 100% for my next workout without the aches and pains from the previous day. Sometimes it even takes days to recover...espeically for my legs. And personally I need to feel my best every time I step into the gym.

I'm gonna go ahead and apply...I've never tested a product for Animal before and would be honored. I train hard 4 days a week and won't be taking a week off for a while now so I would be able to share a fair review. I like to write a lot and putting my thoughts down in great detail won't be a problem. I've tried other "recovery" drinks from other companies before and they just didn't do the trick. I'm confident this Project Z would give me good results and I'm willing to help out the company who has given a lot to me...the best I can.

Good luck to all entries this is a great opportunity.

Mr. Aestheticz
12-15-09, 10:59 am
Post-wo Is When You Do Your Growing!

A Lot Of People Get It Confused Thinking That Pre And Intra- Wo Is When You Grow And What Makes A Difference, It Does Don't Take Me Wrong. To Me Post-wo Recovery Is The Utmost Of Importance To Me Personally Being That What Goes Into Your Body Post-wo For Recovery Is Going To Determine You Gains And Your Loses.

I Am All For A Post-wo Recovery Supplement, But A High Quality Pur And Potent Product Is Even Better. Knowing What Animal Brings To The Table And Being I Take A-nitro Post-wo I Would Love To See What I Can Gain And Become With This New Product Combined With A-nitro.

2010 Is A Big Year For Me, So With My Feelings On Post-wo Recovery And My Goals This Would Be A Privilege And Great Opportunity As Well.


12-15-09, 11:08 am

Ooooooooo such a tease!!!!

Sounds great; can't wait to see how this one pans out! Best of luck to everyone who jumps on board....

On Letting Go
12-15-09, 11:09 am
If i cant recover efficiently, then i cant train efficiently. One broken link in the chain is all it takes to halt progress. If you've created a supp to aid/improve my recovery... HELL YEAH i'll give it a shot.

I want progress.


12-15-09, 11:13 am
Recovery is the most important part of the a hard trainin session. If you don't take/eat what you need to recover you will not grow. So your wasting your time. Train, Recover, Grow! Fankhouser said it best go for the pump and recovery. Training 5 days a week I gotta be able to recover fast, I eat my biggest meal after workouts and take in as much protein as possible to recover faster so I'll be able to go 100% the next day.

This looks awesome I'm excited to see more from Project Z

Train, Recover, Grow!

Mr. Dead
12-15-09, 11:14 am
Pick meeeeeee!!! I'm getting ready to go into contest prep mode, and ANYTHING that helps with recovery would be EXTREMELY welcome!!! And, with the kind of hell contest prep puts ya through, one needs all the help they can get... I'd be able to do a daily log, no sweat, and give honest and detailed feedback...

12-15-09, 11:15 am

i like it...very cool

Bullfrog JJR
12-15-09, 11:18 am
Recovery is essential for me because I train first thing in the morning (6 AM). I've recently begun Wendler's 5/3/1 program, and I'm finding that not properly recovering makes for a rough rest of the day.

Something to bridge the gap between the end of my workout and a meal would really help, and currently my budget doesn't allow for supplements.

Naturally Huge
12-15-09, 11:24 am
I am 35 years old and don't recover as well as when I was a young, strapping 19 years old. The older you get, the more recovery becomes necessary. I am a competitive natural bodybuilder and rely heavily on good nutrition coupled with sound, proven supplements from reputable companies such as Universal Nutrition to make gains. I bust my ass in the gym and pay attention to diet while working 12-hour rotating shifts (yes, graveyards too) and providing for a wife and three kids. I take recovery and recovery supplements seriously and would feel honored to be an Alpha Tester for another great supplement in the Universal line of products.

Universal Rep
12-15-09, 11:26 am

I see they sent you the unlabeled can, NG...

12-15-09, 11:27 am
You grow out of the gym, not in it. SO recovery is just as important as nutrition. Especially now as I'm getting older it takes me longer to recover than it used to. So if there's a chance for me to recover quicker and fuller, than hell yes. Lifting heavy on back and leg day trying to add thickness and mass to my 6'2" frame is no easy task, so besides throwing down large amounts of calories and heavy iron, a fast acting recovery system would be just the icing on the cake to keep me going day in and day out.

12-15-09, 11:39 am
I wake up every morning at 4:30, delivering papers, school, working and the gym really takes it's toll after awhile. Recovery means everything when you're moving that much, I want to be able to give it everything I've got when I'm in the gym.

12-15-09, 11:43 am
I have been in search of something that really works for recovery for awhile now. Tried a few different things that were suppose to help, but not much luck! I don't know if its my age (34) or because I don't know when to say QUIT under the iron but I have days that I can barely walk. A good recovery supp would add to my daily quality of life and cut my downtime in the gym! I am super excited about this product and CANT NOT WAIT to try it myself! Good luck to all who enter!!!

12-15-09, 11:56 am
I work an hour before sunrise to an hour after sunset. I drive an hour to work and an hour back. I average 4 hours of sleep a night. I wake up once in the middle of the night to get a meal in. That meal is to fuel my 3am workouts. Due to a severe lack of sleep I have to do everything else in my power to assist with recovery. I eat about 6000kcals a day, almost half of which come from protein. I take my supplement regime so seriously it borders on the religious. I'd like to give Project Z a try.

12-15-09, 12:05 pm
hangovers are a bitch, especially for your muscles..

12-15-09, 12:11 pm
Being the hardest of hard gainers I'm up for trying anything to lock in gains after my workouts from hell. If this new product works on me then it will for sure work for anyone else. I would be honored to be one of the "guinea pigs" for this new product. Animal has always made the best shit out there and I'm sure that this new supplement will be nothing short of kick ass.

12-15-09, 12:12 pm
Recovery is the healing of ones self only to spark new growth and tear ones self down yet again, day by day. Sounds awesome...Project Z

12-15-09, 12:14 pm
I am 38 years old and definitely do not recover like I used too. I am always looking for anything to help. I lift heavy and hard 5 days a week to keep me in shape for football. I play on a Semi Pro team. I especially could use a great recovery supplement during our season. Practices start soon.

12-15-09, 12:22 pm
Life as a college student is nonstop. If I'm not in class, I'm either studying, doing homework, or eating. No matter how well I maintain my diet, training and day to day activities, I still need help with recovery. Staying up late nights working makes 9 hours of sleep each night impossible, and 8 is a hard goal to accomplish. Project Z would help me recover faster so I can get into the gym and lift just as hard as the day before. I would love the opportunity to try this product so I can contiunue to train like an ANIMAL-both in the gym and in the classroom.

12-15-09, 12:28 pm
Recovery is one of the most important aspects of training to me. Cause I need my muscle and body to be able to recoperate fast enough to have me at not 80% or 90% not even 95% I need to be at 100% for my next workout. There is no pussyfooting around in the gym you come there to do work, and if your not at 100% or giving 100% what is the point in going.

For recovery I have used a variety of supplements and still do. When I first starting training I used the basic revocery formula protien + glutamine......Then I found out importance of BCAA and EAA's thorugh research online. Soon after I fell in love with the Universal/Animal and used Nitro for the first time. Let me say it took my recovery to the next level and to this day I love it. I have some bottles saved up for my next cut to boost recovery after a hard workout or cardio session. You even see animals like OX who's favorite supplement is Nitro because he needs that recovery at the most optimal level.

Why is recovery important? Simple put it allows me to recoperate to 100% and be ready to blast the iron hard and heavy my next session.


12-15-09, 12:30 pm
why is recovery so important to me......... well I'll tell you next to a proper diet, it's the only thing that will make me grow. and in growing i become stronger it's really a endless cycle. over training is my biggest enemy next to doubt. through over training i become unfocused and confused tired and sick, and that in turn diverts me from my journey.

12-15-09, 12:34 pm
as a bodybuilder, the only time we give our bodies the stimulus it needs to grow is in the gym. Even if your diet is on check, you get enough rest, if your workout does not count, then you not only wasted an hour of your life lifting, but also the money spent on the food, and the time it took to cook all those meals.

I make sure that all my meals count towards something. I make sure to get enough protein in to help with recovery. I get enough carbs in to fuel my body, and enough fat to help me build my physique to where i want it to be. so if my workout is not up to par with my meals, i wasted another day, where at the same point, someone is working more than i am, getting a better workout than i am, and that person is my enemy. I dont want to step on stage knowing i half-assed myself, i want to step up there knowing good and well, that i have tried beyond my best, and pushed myself to my limits, throwing up after a heavy set of squats, almost passing out after a set of deads.

A product that helps with recovery will allow me to further push myself day after day, knowing that my body will be working at its very best day in and day out.

12-15-09, 12:36 pm
Each workout is in competition with my last. Never satisfied, I have do create new personal records in the gym for myself. Pushing the limits, I reach beyond the comfort zone. It's both beautiful and violent. Recovery happens out of the weight room. This is where growth happens. The harder I tear it up, the more assistance I need to recover and grow. I am hungry for all help I can get in this department. Desire, hunger and dedication is what separates us Animals from the others. I push the envelope past the line with the rest of the Animals, and am truly interested in this ATP

12-15-09, 12:48 pm
holly shit this product sounds amazing and EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Powerlifting puts a big demand on your body because you are constantly moving heavy weight, day in and day out. Every day requires icing the entire body, especially the lower back because of big deadlifts. Even after 7 days, my legs still hurt from my previous workout. Food alone is not enough and finally something hardcore for recovery is on the way.

12-15-09, 12:49 pm
Well, I hope the fact that I'm new doesn't hurt my chances.

Why is Recovery important to me because I hate having to wait three or four days to recover before I can bench or squat again and sometimes I'm still sore. Because going heavy is the only way to go and the only way to go heavy is to be fully recovered from the session before. Because for me lifting is the fun part and recovery is the necessary evil from which I grow, the reason I stick to my diet and take my supplements.

Good luck to everyone!

12-15-09, 12:50 pm
Recovery to me is important because the following days of legs is when you sit down to shit, and cant get back up to wipe your ass. I find myself having to use the handicap bathroom with the rails, you hear me? SO anything that would make this shitty situation better, im ready to try! That's ANIMAL!

12-15-09, 12:51 pm
Since september I 've been seriously training for a bodybuilding competition taking place in Montreal, Qc, Canada. IDFA federation. I have take two Combos and have put on some serious lean mass. I started with the Off-Season Mass Gaining stack, which went really well. I took some 4 weeks off to let my body recover from all the pills. I just got off the Explosive Gain stack, which gave me great pump in the gym and some good recovery post-workout, with no muscle spasm or pain. Both stack felt really different but came out with great result. I'm currently stable at 205lbs with only 8% body fat. My goal is to hit the stage on May 6th at 200lbs ripped. Where I would be trying out your pre-contest stack which sounds crazy. For the next 2-3 month I'm changing my diet for a carb-up. Project Z would help me maximize is the sickest way. Cause I would be training double split 4-5 times a week. And, i read recently that in his prime time Chris Cormier was sleep some stupid like 16h a day. So if you add everything up, 1. huge carb-up, with double split and i'll try for 12h sleep + Project Z my body should be read to take the sickest beating when I hit the gym hard.
Also, i'm a personal trainer so if this product work I'd be the first to recommend it to all my clients, as I do with every other Animal Product.

12-15-09, 12:52 pm
Recovery is vital to my game because I bust my ass in the gym in the morning and spend the rest of the night unloading trucks, let alone the warehouse gets up to maybe 30 degrees. Right now with winter in full bore its taking longer for muscles to warm up and even less time for them to get sore. I need to rely on another great Universal/Animal product to keep me at the top of my game.
Were the ones out here giving our blood and sweat to the game, not some bitch at the local bally who quits once a bead of sweat starts and has to switch hands while doing dumbbell curls so they can keep talking on their cellphones. I'm excited to see what this product is capable of so we can all keep grindin out day after day.

12-15-09, 12:54 pm
yo i've been looking for something to put up against this other product i've been using for a couple years now called Rejuvinix41 from Allthewhey.com ...

time for a change...

B Con
12-15-09, 1:02 pm
Recovery to me is important because the following days of legs is when you sit down to shit, and cant get back up to wipe your ass. I find myself having to use the handicap bathroom with the rails, you hear me? SO anything that would make this shitty situation better, im ready to try! That's ANIMAL!

Wait wut? LOL

12-15-09, 1:03 pm
I was jacked when I saw the email for this product... I just kicked off my winter Max-OT workout to get a jump on the new year.... I don't have to tell you how you feel after these workouts - Project Z would be a savior right now for workout recovery. This is important as I am pushing myself to the max for this training in order to rock the summer of 2010.
Recently a single - full time dad - gotta get serious about training and recovery plays a huge roll in accomplishing my goal! Thanks ANIMAL you kick-@ss

12-15-09, 1:07 pm
I'm 44 years old and looking to step on stage in July for my first Natural Pro Bodybuilding show. At this age, with a full-time job working all hours of the day and night and a side business I run, plus balancing life with a beautiful wife and kids, I don't recover near as well as I did 15-20 years ago. Recovery to me means not only recuperation from hard workouts, but being able to function the rest of the day at my peak ability.

I've used Animal products for over 10 years and am ready to jump into the next phase...

12-15-09, 1:07 pm
Recovery - wow, you spend 60 minutes destroying your body day in and day out but 1,380 minutes of the day recovering. There isn't anything that we need that is as important as something to help us recover. We can have our trianing spot on but if we aren't allowing our body to recover from workout to workout we set ourselves up for failure...so I'd love to be able to try this new supp out.

12-15-09, 1:15 pm
I'm really trying to grow my problem areas (calves and delts) and thus I'm working them 3-4 times a week. It would be great to have a recovery product that would allow me to punish those muscles and watch them grow.

I'm on a bulk right now, and have started incorporating slow and heavy movements into my lifting. Though I'm showing some results, I'm pretty sore through out the day, but I like that because I know I'm doing something right. If I had a bit more recovery, I could push harder. I've never tried a product like this and it would be great to give it a cycle and see the results.

Let's face it, recovery is almost as--if not more so--important than the actual training. We all know that our body builds during the recovery phase and we feed ourselves with, what we hope, are the nutrients our bodies need. Anything that could assist in this process is vital.

Would be grateful if picked. Thanks Universal. Thanks Animal.

12-15-09, 1:15 pm
How many times have you heard your mother say, "Johnny, get your rest, you need to be ready for your game tomorrow?"

Most of us brushed this off, giving mom the look of "yea sure mom, nice excuse to get me to follow my 'bedtime'" Well brothers, we should have listened to her. We all know, rest equals recovery and recovery equals growth and in this game, the game of Iron, we sure the hell need it. As I sit here downing my Animal pak after a long nights rest (its finals week here at school, fml) I aspire to get every ounce of rest and recovery I can.

With doing 2 a days, (cardio in the A.M. and lifting in the early afternoon), my body gets beat up. Of course my nutrition is spot on, eating every 2-3 hours, throwing out the junk my roommates helplessly consume day in and out. But with that little added boost, that extra push in the direction of recovery, I would be able to go harder in the gym, amplifying my gains.

I'm currently on a Cut cycle, as I am competing against my cousin in essentially a bodybuilding competition between the two of us (as a practice for a show im entering at the end of 2010). With this enhanced recovery, not only would I be able to blow him out of the water, I could continue to make gains quicker that will lead to the freak I aspire to become. Besides, as my personal trainer test comes at the end of January, with this extra recovery, I can be able to better market myself.

Consider me for, Actually don't 'consider' me, CHOOSE me for Project Z. I will give bawls to the wall 110%.

Pe@ce fellow Animals.

12-15-09, 1:16 pm
Long time fan and user of the product line. Very interested to see how you define the nutrition market once again. I excercise in a 2-day split (cardio in the AM, weights in the PM). Enhanced recovery time means more time to play with my kids, work on the house, and cause minor mayhem.
Keep up the good work.

12-15-09, 1:16 pm
I'm working full time, finishing up my Bachelors as a full time student, and lifting like an Animal as if it is my third full time duty.

To me recovery is KEY, I sacrifice the little things to get at least 8 hours of shuteye and I always keep meals on hand to prevent my body from taking away my precious gains I made.

I've used Pak, Stak, Pump, Flex and Nitro.
All is good and well but with the money being squeezed out of my wallet, I needed to stick to the basics.

Animal Pak and lots of food.

I'd be honored to put this recovery Animal product to the test.

Fully loaded in need of a full recovery.

12-15-09, 1:18 pm
as much as i would love to try this out, my training schedule as of late has been too hectic to really give it a run. good luck to all, we all know it will be a solid product.

12-15-09, 1:20 pm
Recovery is crutial to building muscle. Tearing it up day after day in the gym doesn't mean shit unless you go home and take care of yourself outside of the gym; including meals, sleep, and any supps that will aid in the recovery process. Whether you're dieting or bulking up, recovery is key to gaining and keeping the hard earned muscle! Pumping it full of aminos and vitamins is important to me to ensure that I am getting fully recovered, so I can continue to break it down and builk it back up bigger and stronger!!

12-15-09, 1:27 pm
After putting in the hard work in the gym, the next challenge starts. You have to supply your body with the proper nutrients and rest to ensure that all your hardwork doesn't go to waste. I go to great lengths to research the optimal type and amount of each ingredient of the supplements I take to help with recovery. To be able to take a supplement specifically designed for this would be invaluable, and to be a part of the evaluation for such a product would be an honor.

12-15-09, 1:28 pm
As an Olympic weightlifter, my training takes a disgusting toll on my body. Competition lifts are performed nearly every training session, and if I'm not recovered, my performance suffers. I just started a new training cycle designed by MSU, and the cycle will involve an incredibly intense middle leg, one in which I need to enhance my recovery in whatever way possible. In less than two months, I have increased my Snatch and Clean and Jerk total from 255lbs to 345lbs, and I hope to have a 400lbs total by February. In order to keep my intensity high with these increasingly heavy weights, I need a supplement that can truly deliver enhanced recovery. That's where Animal's Project Z comes in...


12-15-09, 1:33 pm
Hey forum,

Im new on here but I have been a loyal fan of Animal for about a year now. Right now I am training for my very first body building competition this summer. Right now I am still putting on mass and I blieve that Project Z would help me recover from my brutal workouts. I concentrate on once muscle group per workout and work it to failure. This often leaves me sore and a recovery aid would help me be ready for the next one since i train 6 days a week. I am a loyal fan and currently take pump, pak, stak, m stak, flex, and omega. I will soon be adding test and cuts during my cut.

I would love to add project Z to my aresenal in preparation for my first time on stage.


12-15-09, 1:33 pm
I need faster recovery because I train jiu jitsu 5 days a week, I do my strength training 4 days a week and I rockclimb on weekends....if that doesnèt call for some speedy recovery I don't know what does! Help me out here Animal, I'll only give you my honest unbiased opinion and log my workouts/results for your convenience. Thanks for the opportunity!

Kyle Vanhaverbeke

12-15-09, 1:34 pm
3 pages on the first day! Now that is how every Universal Promo should be.

Sitting out on this one, I have been very blessed with what Universal has done for me lately.

Best of luck to all those who apply.

PS - Dont give anything to Mr. Dead :)

12-15-09, 1:34 pm
Machine once said something to the effect of: when sleep is not an option, you have to increase your nutritional intake to keep recovery at a maximum. I train hard. I sleep little. Finishing up my intership to earn my doctorate requires me to wake at 3:45 every morning and make my meals before seeing patients. I train after work and shovel in 2 more meals before attempting to hit the sack and do it all over again. I bust my ass to keep the nutrients flowing, but I'm gonna need a secret weapon if I want to keep up this pace....

That is where Project Z comes in. I've never tested a new Animal product before and my training schedule will put this recovery product to the test. I gotta keep improving, no matter what, I get it done. I'd like the chance to demonstrate both my prowess and the efficacy of this product in a trial run.

12-15-09, 1:40 pm
"Project Z" that sounds like the Sup to put you on Point. Who wouldn't want to be part of this testing phase? Ya'll boast "recover better, faster, more efficiently, then this Alpha Test is perfect for you". I'm all about that, we should all want to be Alpha Animals!

12-15-09, 1:43 pm
This is awesome!
Recovery is of utmost importance in any type of training.
I am a powerlifter and my body takes a pounding week in and week out.
We all are in the game of the "IRON" and know how important recovery is.

12-15-09, 1:46 pm
As Animals we crave our time in a gym, those few hours each day when we can unleash our rage and tear apart the weights. Sure I'm young, only 20, but I've been hittin up up Animal style for the past 4 years and won't stop till I die.

While our time spent with the iron may be the most gratifying, it certainly won't help us grow unless we feed our tired and beat up bodies. So while training may be the most fun, its really all about pounding the food, pills, and shakes to breathe life back into our muscles. And why do we do this? So we can do the same the next day, and the next, and every day after that until we can do it no longer. Simply because we love this game, we love the challenge, and we won't be stopped till we have had our fill.

Recovery is huge for me. Between hittin the weights six days a week, going to school, working two jobs and training for a third, I am one busy guy. Having that extra edge when it comes time for recovery would be a great blessing, although I can promise that should I be accepted I'll be hitting the iron with all the more fury, knowing I have extra recovery help. Lookin forward to hearin from you guys...

12-15-09, 1:46 pm
The recovery is vital part otherwise all the tearing down you do to your muscles is just that tearing them down if you don't build them back up by utilizing the proper nutrients during recovery you just wasted a workout. I've tried many things to help with recovery but none have really helped much so I'm very interested in seeing what this can do.

12-15-09, 1:53 pm
GROWTH!!!! HELP ME get stronger and feel better when i use recorvy supp after my work out!!!!!!! helps me... with sorness too

alec mcclanahan
12-15-09, 2:04 pm
I have been full blown killin myself in the gym now for 11 months now i LOVE it! Just recently i have had a few surgeries on my hip making it very difficult to lift. So after unwillingly taking two weeks off im back and getting sorer than ever. I would love to try this product!

eric downey
12-15-09, 2:07 pm
As a pro level powerlifter recovery is right up there with perfect tech. We train hard and heavy week in and week out. The fatser I recover the faster I get stronger

12-15-09, 2:09 pm
Recovery is important in weight training because it is when your body is trying to grow but it is in need of essential nutrients to repair the torn muscle fibers. Depending on if it is fast/slow twitch training depends on the recovery that is needed.

In weight training you are often able to hit both types of muscle fibers depending on rep speed, exercises, and variance of excercises. A product that is able to help the fibers recover will in turn enable the muscles to grow larger, faster, and with less fat/ or leaner.

Another point of recovery is ability to perform more exercises for the same muscle groups more often without overtraining. A product that enables quicker recover in turn makes frequency of training much better and provides the ability to workout the groups more often with a shorter split.

12-15-09, 2:13 pm
The harder I train the more I am wiped out the next day (or even two). At my age (57) recovery is more important every year. I have trained heavy all my life and still do, but having a quality recovery product would really makes workouts better. I hope to be considered for the trial promotion. Thank you, Coltman.

12-15-09, 2:16 pm
Recovery can never be overthought, in my opinion. Being a med school student I have to make the most of what little time in the gym I have, in other words; when I get in there I go fucking HARD, and my body feels the results in both positive and negative ways. I'd love nothing more than to try out a product that can help me recover and be ready to get back on the assault as soon as possible, this product sounds like exactly what I need.

12-15-09, 2:30 pm
Why is recovery important? Because it makes the difference between a person who trains for the lifestyle and knows what they are doing compared to the person who goes to the gym 5 days a week and considers himself the best. They say rest is the best. Never too much. EAA's BCAA's Protein Glutamine Creatine, the basic staples of all postworkout and recovery. Without them a lifter couldn't go any farther than his competition. If the lifter demands a better session afterwards, recovery depends on it big time. Project Z would help me become bigger faster stronger considering that I train to make gains and my weekend job counts on it (being a bouncer). I would log this from day 1 to whenever the can ended, and pictures would be taken at the end of every week. Plus it would look sick with the old school tops where the stickers came off. Jus throwin that in. Peace

12-15-09, 2:34 pm
Please pick me, I live all recovery supplements. I'm so used to building my own out of several others. I'm a natural bodybuilder and I always need every edge in recovery I can get. The little natural guy needs some help over here lol. I don't know if it's a BCAA or what, but I'm sure if it's Universal it's good since I live off all the supps. All I know is I hope to have some of this to test for my next diet down coming up in April. Hook me up

12-15-09, 2:36 pm
sign me up first off i want to say animalpak/universal by far the best supps around by far!!! Recovery is important to every lifter whether he is a bodybuilder, powerliftfer, or just some one who wants to be in shape it is important without recovery we do not grow. Recovery is the muscle cell undergoing mitoesis renewing themselfs and producing more to get bigger the products sounds amazing and its by animalpak thats how you know its going to be good. They dont come out with alot of products but the ones that they do are the most hardcore and bad ass products on the market

long live the animals!!!!!!!!!

12-15-09, 2:38 pm
Fellas, I've got some really exciting news for you. We're looking for some Alpha Testers (AT) here at the FORVM to help us do a trial run of our newest Animal prototype, code name "Project Z". If you're at least 18 years old, serious about lifting, and looking for something to help ya recover better, faster, more efficiently, then this Alpha Test is perfect for you. To be part of Project Z, ya gotta post your entry in here.

What to do: Ya just gotta tell us why recovery is of critical importance to you and why you want to this new prototype.

When you'll be notified: Winners will be selected @ 12pm on Tuesday, 12/22/09.

Eligibility: Just gotta be 18+ and have a US/APO & FPO/Canadian mailing address. Can't have won anything in the past 30 days.

Why do I want to try it? As everyone knows, you tear down in the gym but you grow outside of it. Unless your body is primed for optimal recovery, you're holding back your gains. Pick me.

12-15-09, 2:50 pm
First off, when im at the gym im not playing around. I murder my muscles, and i do everything in my power to recover for the next day so that i can hit the ground running.
Ive seen alot of my friends get injured or just not be able to push themselves due to the fact that their not fully recovered when they hit the gym.

In addition, if this product is of the same quality or better then the rest of the Animal Line up, im sure ANYONE who gets the priveledge of trying it will be in for some scary results!

Id love for a chance to test this product, thank you for your time.

The Big One
12-15-09, 2:53 pm
I definitely need something extra for recovery. I work as a social worker, making several home visits throughout the day. Some times my work day can be more then 10 hours. So I have to pack four different lunches in my bag. I then go to the gym 4 times a week and hit the weights hard. I use HIT system so you know Im hurting from that. After its 30 more minutes of cardio then Torrent and later my dinner. Torrent is helping but work and the gym is wearing on me and now im in need of something else.

12-15-09, 2:54 pm
Believe it or not I train 5 times a day, 5 days a week! I wake up at 5am go to the gym at 6am do cardio for an hour. I go back home and prepare my six meals for the day and then I go to work. I then train for 20 minutes weightlifting at 10am. Then at 12 for an hour. At 2pm I train for another 20 minutes and at 4pm. Some days I even do another hour training at 6pm. How is this possible you ask? There is s work gym in the building that i work. This is not to show how much I train but this is the explain how much I would like to test the Project Z Alpha Testing Program because recovery is of critical importance to me!

There is no best. Only the quest to be better than yesterday... Never giving up and knowing yourself is what I am about!

12-15-09, 2:57 pm
Well, having just won a t-shirt today, I guess I'm not eligible, but I'd love to be able to try this product. At age 55, with a contest prep coming up, I'm going to need all the help I can get. Right now, I'm in the gym at least 4, and sometimes 5 days a week, and starting in March, I'll be doing weights, and then cardio 6 days a week. I'm gonna need SOMEthing!

Animal consistently develops solid, workable formulas that do what they're designed to, and I can only believe this will be the same.

Even though I don't qualify, I look forward to watching the journeys of the folks who get to try this product, and hope Animal releases it in time for my prep!

12-15-09, 3:00 pm
Recovery is how a muscle grows. The lifting does damage to the fibers, it's simply the stimulus to the body that causes it to bring upon adaptations in size, when it has the nutrients and rest. I tend to be in the gym a little longer than some guys. I like to take enough time in between to maximize the strength of all my sets. So a product towards recovery would be nice for me. I'm also very poor right now and have close to ZERO supps (a few scoops protein and preworkout left), not even pak or omega. So I guess it would be a nice testing evironment for a new supp.

12-15-09, 3:00 pm
Dammit, one more year until i finally can do this kind of stuff.

12-15-09, 3:02 pm
Recovery is important to me because in addition to being a serious lifter and im'a collegiate level rugby player and nothings worse then practicing and playing tourneys and games on jello legs cuz you've blasted the shit outta your quads, hams, and calves at the gym shit sucks so if you guys my brothers lemme be a lab rat for this new product ill be able to wreck shit at 200% on the field and the weightroom.

12-15-09, 3:11 pm
Done, or should I say spent with all my events this year. Not liftin' but running - marathons and half marathons all over the country with no training ... even the recovery was difficult.

Next year ... train or die, full all round cardio with weights to get the speed back, will need all the help I can get to get back into AnImAl ShApE!


12-15-09, 3:12 pm
As a Marine I learned there is no retreat. Now at 50, every single day of my life begins with the iron. The sun never rises that it does not find my ass laying on a bench paying my dues... My training program has been one year this week. My log book shows 213 bouts with the iron in 359 days... I train one hard hour every day on the iron and recover for 23... I walk the walk and let everyone else talk the talk. If you can help me fine... if not, get out of my way because I have business to attend to in the gym... I am staring 315 in the face on a bench, which is light for some... heavy for others.... but for me it is my goal... in time, the iron may find me worthy... my 50 year old joints, they bitch... and Flex shuts them up.. while the Storm and Shock course through my veins pushing me to lift that iron... to pay my dues.... to continue to forge my body of steel.. 300 pounds I weighed last Christmas... 225 pounds will awake this Christmas to once again go pay my respects... pay my dues... and start another year walking the walk.... Semper Fi

12-15-09, 3:23 pm

I'm 53 years young. I've lost 50+ Pounds of crap and none of it was easy. Waist line 44 inches down to 34. Now I'm focused on quality lean prime. The works outs can leave me run down for days if I hit as hard as I need to. Can't afford to miss another. I need all the help it can get. I'm not going back!

12-15-09, 3:25 pm
In 2010, my life will be overflowing with motivation. I have an amazing new career to begin, I'll be living in Miami, and I want to take my punishing workouts to the next level. I WILL be working out 7 days a week, and that will include both heavy lifting and cardio blasting.

I'm an extremely dependable choice for Animal Z alpha testing. I'm meticulous in my attention to detail, especially when it comes to differentiating between supplements and their effects (or lack thereof) on my body. On a daily basis, I take Torrent post-workout. I take Intra-Aid. I sip on EAA Stack throughout the day. I could tell you how and why I feel differently if any of those products were removed from my daily life.

I'm a fanatical Animal supporter. The amount of empty cans in my home would blow your mind. If you want an accurate and detailed report on how Animal Z affects my body, choose me. I've got the point of reference to articulate how Z stacks up, and I'll explain how I feel in a clear, helpful way.

12-15-09, 3:35 pm
I'm not gonna lie i need a quality recovery drink not only for my workouts. i run two or three weight training sessions a day a long with 4 prowler push sessions a week. I'm just a tiny bit crazy. I've tried every recovery drink out there it seems it all leaves me let down. it doesnt help after a work out or a 12 hour day at work. I need a drink that keeps me going. im a single father so when i pick my little girl shes ready to party and play like its going out of style, so i need something thats going to get me recovered and keep me going.
thanks guys
PS: even if you dont pick me i hope this stuff is great

12-15-09, 3:40 pm
Project Z eh? And it is a recovery product? I am definitely interested in giving this stuff a go. Recovery supplements make up the largest part of my supplement arsenal. Both post workout and sleep time recovery products of of utmost importance to me.

I would be honored to be able to Alpha test this newest Animal product and provide feedback. Consider this my official application to do so.

Looking forward to finding out what this one is!


12-15-09, 3:44 pm
Recovery is important to me because it's what gets you the big guns. You need recovery to repair your muscle. To me, it's too scientific...I need recovery because I know what I want. I'm 18 and I'm a lone wolf on my journey. While people my age are acting up with the drugs and alcohol and having fun at parties, I'm eating a couple eggs with a steak, looking up better, faster ways to build muscle. If I'm not at the gym busting my ass, or sleeping....I'm right here on the computer looking for something to help me get bigger, become an Animal. I know the first things first when I get on the computer that I go where the big boys go, Animalpak. Why? Animal won't let you down and this is why I've chosen to reply to this. I want to take the next step, I want to be chosen to become one of the few animals to try Project Z.

thank you for your time!


Feel The Power
12-15-09, 3:54 pm
I would be very interested in trying a new recovery product. The winters here are cold so you know it's time to bulk up and lift the heavy weights. I have been hitting it really heavy, but I know you grow outside the gym so anything that would help the muscles recover faster I'm all for it. I want to gain quality muscle this winter so when I diet it off I will notice that my hard work did pay off. In simplier terms... I want to be HUGE! lol. Thats why I would like to try the new product.

Feel The Power!

12-15-09, 3:59 pm
I live and breathe this shit.... I bust my ass five days a week in the gym, pounding out the heaviest fucking weight I can. I eat past the point of nausea... the poster "I'm not Gonna Puke" stares at me from the wall. My motivation is through the roof to obtain the kind of physique that would label me as a freak. The supplements I take to help me to recover are the extra peice to the puzzle. Enhanced, quality recovery will give me an edge. This is where a whole new window of opportunity opens. This is where maximum muscle growth comes into play. Congradulations on formulating another Pak, that I am sure will be top notch just as the other Animal products are. I would love the chance to give it a go!

12-15-09, 4:00 pm
I train like an animal everyday and my body is tired of always trying to catch up (recover) from my intense workouts.
Recovery is the key to growth. If you dont recover well enough or fast enough, you wont grow, end of story. Recovory takes place after a workout, especially when you're sleeping. With ''Project Z'', I wont just dream of bigger muscles, I'll wake up to them!

12-15-09, 4:02 pm
this would have been my reason if only people outside the states would be thought of too:

hey everyone,

Let me introduce myself, I'm frankie, male, 20 years old and i'm at college/uni studying IT.
I would like to test the new recovery product because a few months ago i decided to take my workouts more serious and i started prepairing myself for powerlifting.

(I did already workout for a year ortwo but i was as many others not doing all body parts, talking too much and not paying any attention to nutriton, rules of working out, .... so yeh i was a shame to the sport. but i got sick of myself not reaching any goals and not improving, so i spent alot of time looking up all the basics, learning all the exercises, reading about vitamines, carbs, .... and i'm all fired up and prepaired.)

I'm starting competition next season (this januari). And ive been working my butt off and liking it, no pain, no gain!
I train 5 days a week 2-3 hours with a scheme i get from the gym ownerer. He used to be a famous weightlifter back in the old days, he went to the olympics for our country back then. So he is really pushing me alot and i went from not deadlifting to deadlifting 165KG's for six sets of 3 reps within a few months. (same with squat, went from not doing it to doing 6 sets of 3 reps with 130 kg ass to the floor in about a month or three).
some extra info: my bodyweight is currently 71kg

I really like the hard work but the problem is that i can't rest enough to fully recover because i have my last year at college/uni and i work on saturday from 4-12am in minus 30degrees to pay for my education and supps and stuff.
So i barely can get enough rest and sometimes my training are lacking because i couldn't recover completely. And as we all know know, recovery is verry important in bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting and so on.

I know many others are already in the sport for a much longer time as me but I want to prove that everyone can reach goals when u want them bad enough and fight for them hard enough and when you get the right support(In my case my animal supps).

So i really hope the animal team gives me a chance to prove myself and to prove what animal products can help you to accomplish.

an eager powerlifting youngster,


12-15-09, 4:13 pm
Recovery is importatnt to me because I hit it so hard at the gym that when Im done I need something to get my muscles ready for the next onslaught of metal. Im cutting right now down from 240 to 215 so dieting down is killing me and I need all the help I can get to make it through the next workout...

12-15-09, 4:20 pm
I would love to give it a test run. I need something to help me recover fasterr from my leg workouts. Sometimes I stay sore for 5 or 6 days. If anybody can help, I know that Animal can. This is the best stuff available.

12-15-09, 4:29 pm
At 6'6'' it isn't easy for me to pack on noticeable size. I'm 20 and have been training for 5 years. I've been doing DC training for the past 6 months and made great initial gains, but have started to plateau recently. I'm now at 235lbs, but being a university student makes it hard to feed myself enough to recover from my intense training sessions. My body aches every day of the week, but I still find the drive within me to drag myself to the gym for another grueling session. It takes incredible time management skills to get all my work done and still find time to train and sleep, but I do whatever is necessary in order to recover as much as possible and keep up with school work.

12-15-09, 4:33 pm
definitely gonna throw my hat in the ring for this....

Why recovery is so important to me? Well, since I am training for my first PL meet in 2010, I am really taxing myself to get my lifts to where I want them.....I am usually sore for two or 3 days post workout. I would LOVE to have a chance at this as I KNOW it will help me push (or pull) more weight week in and week out. With the lifts coming up, the weights will only get heavier, so anything that can help promote recovery so I can hit the iron just as hard 2 days later is a plus in my book!

Good luck to those that enter.....

N. Motta
12-15-09, 4:34 pm
I want to try it...

...I've seen responses just as lengthy, and won.

12-15-09, 5:02 pm
A new recovery product from Animal I'm in, got amazing results from Stak2 and mstak my recent purchases in supplements have been involving recovery products. I am a naturally heavy set guy so i must maintain high intensity workouts with heavy weight to get the appropriate lean mass gains. I do about 6 exercises a workout with a 4x8-4x10 within an hour while doin weighted abs. This has given me my best results in the past 4 years i have done heavy weight and lower reps while using recovery products although my strength was good my physical form was not what i would call a bodybuilder look. The problem with my high intensity with high weight is i get very sore because i have to push myself each workout further then the previous while never allowing my body to adjust so i highly rely on recovery products. In 4 months of this type of training i have gained 15 lbs while only increasing 1% in bf. I'm a bouncer so i rely on my strength quite a bit as well as not being to sore fro work and i would like to compete in my first body building comp in 2011 when i turn 21. I owe a lot of this to my recovery products (and animal in particular) as i cycled stak2 3 times. Animal has always been the product i can rely on from cutting and gaining to multivitamin and joint support i could always use another animal product in my arsenal.

12-15-09, 5:08 pm
On July 1st I was 6'1" 326 lbs Wearing size 44 pants and up to 3x shirts. I was sick of being fat!!! So I began to work out and Supplementing. I am Using animal cuts,Stack and Pak. Also a protien (syntha6),Creatine (cellmass) and NO.(noxplode) On November 1st I was fitting into size 36 Pants, xl and L shirts. and dropped down to 250lbs. The hardest part of my routine is recovery which sometimes makes it hard to go all out the next day yet I do my best. I trust and love animal products and I'd kill to be a test subject for your new supplement. I will give honest and accurate info on how recovery is on this product. If you have any other supplements that may help I'd appreciate it. My goal is to drop the weight and get ripped to shut up the haters and people who called me fat. Also it would be nice to make x fiancee Jealous... Also I am trying to drop the weight because I am trying to pursue a career in law enforceement and need to be in the best shape of my life

12-15-09, 5:22 pm
Recovery is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. Our diet, training split, sleep, and supplementation all revolves around this. I'm treading water with it right now. Being deployed and not being able cook my own food, working 14 hour days 6 days a week, while pounding the shit out of my body in the gym 5 days a week. I get maybe 6 hours of sleep a night to make time for the gym here. Recovery with those conditions comes at a premium and anything I can do within my control to enhance it -- I'm all over it!

12-15-09, 5:38 pm
I would love to try this new product out, I am 18 and training to go to The united states military academy. Currently have been lifting for years and am doing 6 days a week in the gym while running daily. Never being the big kid my goal for high school was 300 lbs on bench and I am at 260 now. Need something to help give me that boost.

Would love this opportunity,


12-15-09, 5:41 pm
I love working out hard, but a downside is that being sore makes it hard for me to do my job. As a firefighter I gotta be my best at all times, being sore from working out can lessen my performance abilties. Whether it's packing ladders or dragging hose. Anything that can help me avoid slow recovery times can help me stay a beast in and outta work.

12-15-09, 5:45 pm
i must say i am a bit excessive on my sets and reps...thats just how i train..got the more the better mentality..always sore..or feeling fucked up...being a natural bodybuilder and always pushing myself to the limit i would definately like to try this stuff out and see if it really works....ill put it to the real test.

12-15-09, 5:57 pm
Yea this Alpha Test program is for real and I want some! I live fast and furious, no time for extended recoup, gotta move and this stuff sounds like the real deal. I got business to tend to and people to see, no time for lollygaggin. This ain't the tenth product for nutin, back in the day if you was a 10 you was the sh--. Lets put it to the test, I'm throwin my hat in the ring now, open heart surgery couldn't stop me, I'm only 5'9" and 2bucks but ready to go solid! Put me down for the PROTOTYPE!

12-15-09, 6:05 pm
Post this in the Project Z thread, it won't do you any good here brother.


12-15-09, 6:08 pm
RECOVERY is important for any serious lifter who lays it all on the line, since you grow in the kitchen not in the weight room. I've put on 60 pounds of muscle since I began my mass gain quest, however gains have come to a near halt. I spend my days swinging a 20 pound chain saw in the rugged terrain of southeast Alaska, and my nights...I spend tearing my muscles apart. I have little time for recovery meaning i need the best supps, and this new shit you got sounds like just what I need. Please I need this, my days leave my muscles feeling exhausted... and I will definantly give you the low down on what I think.

Tattooed Gym Rat
12-15-09, 6:28 pm
Recovery is the most important part of a workout. Without it you do not grow. I hit the iron hard and also train in Brazilian Jujitsu. I am getting ready to start training to fight in Mix Martial Arts. I use Animal Pak and Animal stack already. Without recovery help of some sort I will hurt for two or three days after a killer workout. The grueling demand on the body from hitting the iron and doing jujitsu call for a killer recovery supplement. If picked I will be brutally honest when it comes to the new product.

12-15-09, 6:34 pm
Well all i can say is this is the perfect time i have 80 days till the classic, im changing my whole body, working twice as hard as people i know, i work with mentally disabled peopel i lift and pull and push 100's of pounds a day then go work out, recovery is key and animal is can help, im sure im no different than the rest but i am driving this body to the limit and would love to have a can of the z in the passenger seat next to me.

12-15-09, 6:50 pm
[QUOTE=J-Dawg;862968]Fellas, I've got some really exciting news for you. We're looking for some Alpha Testers (AT) here at the FORVM to help us do a trial run of our newest Animal prototype, code name "Project Z". If you're at least 18 years old, serious about lifting, and looking for something to help ya recover better, faster, more efficiently, then this Alpha Test is perfect for you. To be part of Project Z, ya gotta post your entry in here.
Ok, I am 19 years old.
What to do: Ya just gotta tell us why recovery is of critical importance to you and why you want to this new prototype.
Recovery is important to bodybuilding or any other sport since that is when the muscles do grow. Not giving the muscles time to rest makes that workout you just did a total waste of time. Eating and getting a good night sleep may be good for some but not for all.Some of us guys just need that extra push with suppliments such as "M-Stak" and "Nitro". I have been using Animal Products for six months now, I have seen great results and other people in the gym have said the same thing. So I can guarantee that I would be a perftect candidate. My stats are 19/6'2/160lbs, I am trying to get up too 180-195lbs range since my body and height can distribute the muscle well.

12-15-09, 7:11 pm
0500: I am up and off to the gym for my 45 minutes of cardio. This is how I greet my day Monday through Saturday.

0600: I am climbing out of the showers and packing my sweat-drenched clothes into a grocery bag while I shave, brush my teeth, and put on the deodorant. After getting dressed, I am on my way out to my car to mix my first protein drink of the day; I'll drink it on my way to work, and mix dry ingredients into two other shaker cups for later in the day at work.

0730 - 1500: Work. I eat my tuna and rice and drink my shakes during breaks. I dig my ditches, drive 10 foot iron bars through the dirt with a 12 lbs sledgehammer, pick, axe, and shovel my brains out. I love the detail work when it's cold, the ground breaks into large clumps when it's frozen, and the cold sweat on my body is keeping me from overheating while the work is keeping me from hypothermia.

1600 - 1800: I am back at the gym. Monday is triceps, Tuesday is leg day, Wednesday is back, Thursday's chest, Friday's arms, calves, and shoulders, and Saturday is the Deadlift. The ATP is gone, the glycogen is burned through, I am shaking, heaving, seeing gray, and stumbling when I walk out to my car. I'll sit in my car for a time to contemplate my workout, and make notes of strengths and weakness. I drink another shake with waxy maize mixed into it slowly, as I have thrown up several times from drinking too much too quickly so soon after a workout.

1900 - 2200: I am home, usually on the verge of sleep. We eat dinner, and I prepare my meals for the next day. I spend time with my kids and wife. I usually read to the little ones for a time right before bed, and make another shake to put in the fridge for when I am up at 0300 to drink it. I sit up in bed and talk my wife and I talk about our day. Eventually, sleep finds me, and it is long, dark and deep when it does.

It has been this way for almost four years now. I am often asked why the hell I put myself through such rigorous and regimented torture. The answer is simple. There is no better way to know you're alive. I am a disciple of Iron. I am an Animal.

12-15-09, 7:12 pm
Im 19 and well im pretty serious about working out, got my split routine down to a perfect science. I know a well bit about supps in today's market on what works and what doesnt. which is the reason why i only use universal or sportpharma. im 19 and weight 181 with 12.4% bf. I maintain proper nutrition since bodybuilding is a 24/7 job. i think im pretty eligible for this alpha test. i have use almost the entire universal and animal line except for stak and test. i am looking forward to seeing this product, also recovery is key to growth because once you break down the muscle, you need to build and repair, so im interested in what this product is? aminos? creatine? well i believe i am a good choice for "Project Z"

12-15-09, 7:20 pm
To me recovery is just as important as the traning itself. I lift 6 days a week, go to college 4 days and work 30+ hours a week in a meatroom. And believe me it suck unloading 50-70 lb boxes off beef for a couple hours when I'm already drained from the weights. I eat as healthily as possible ( missed an A by 5 points in my nutriton class). I have been lifting for a while but constantly keep running into walls, and no matter how hard I work or how many times I change up my workout I never seem to make much of a change. I'm just tierd of being stuck at one weight, and busting my ass to get it. I'm sick of my legs shaking while I'm sitting in class. I hate dreading the stairs for half the week. I want to play some football, or basketball with my buddies without fear of cramping up. And most of all I want know that my workout wasn't wasted by a lack of nutrition and supplementation. I'm 19, 6'6 and 240. I'm trying to break the 315 barrier in bench and the 425 in squat while trying to get a little leaner. Love the products and I hope to try this one out...

12-15-09, 7:23 pm
I'm doing my first contest this next year, I'm going to be 45 so i need all the help I can acheive with recovery. Working really hard to do my best!

12-15-09, 7:37 pm
This sounds like a great opportunity! Good luck to everyone. I would love to test this product out for two reasons. The first reason is the recovery factor of coarse. I just barely started a size and strength program thats gonna last awhile. It's time for me to grow and I'm lifting HEAVY. I got my schedule and diet all under control because I want to see results. Even with the strict diet and ample rest I feel that weight from my workouts for awhile after words and it's hard to get back to the gym the next day and put my all into it when I'm still trashed from last night's workout. A recovery aid would help a lot. Secondly, I can always trust Animal products. 'Nuff said about that. I look forward to seeing who gets it!

12-15-09, 8:15 pm
project z testing

as many others have posted recovery is the most important thing for me. speeding that up, and preparing my body for the next workout has allowed me to keep up with the young bucks in the gym.

i do not workout without intra aid, bitant's drink, or some sort of bcaa stack. i love them all as i really do feel that they help me achieve my goal of recovering quickly.

the thought of project z increasing that, and making it better, is something that i would love to be a part of.

good luck to all, as this looks to be a top shelf item. i can't wait.

12-15-09, 8:27 pm
I would definitely like to try some Project Z. Recovery is essential, especially now while dieting for a show. I need that lil extra umf when I'm finished to be able to hit it just as hard the next day, and bring myself to a better level of conditioning. No recovery = no growth.

12-15-09, 8:32 pm
At 18 years old its hard to maintain a good diet and to make sure all the necessary tools are given to your body to create mass. For me recovery is going home after 2 hours at the gym to a plate of chicken breasts or meat in general, whatever i can scrounge up in the fridge. If the meats running low, ill dummy half a dozen eggs with some yams. If some of this portion could be given to me in a little pak, then sign me up.

12-15-09, 8:42 pm
eager to see how this turns out! i love torrent, and can only imagine what you want to throw into the mix! get this made quiiiiick!

12-15-09, 8:54 pm
Im in fellas,

I am currently finishing up my first blast in the DC style of training and plan on starting blast number 2 in the new year. As the weeks go on I find my recovery abilitys really start to slow down, to the point that no matter what I do I am sore all the time, every day. A product that helps aid in recovery will help me push the blasts as hard as I can, so that I can experience the greatest gains. I have tried numerous P.O. supplemnts and protocalls. Currently doing 2 packs of nitro and some waxy maize. I know ANIMAL will put out another amazing product. Thanks for letting us Canadians in on this one!

Big Wides
12-15-09, 9:15 pm
I'll throw my name in the ring for this....what is important about recovery? The simple fact that it helps me gain the strength and grow from session to session. The more I can recover the stronger I can be come meet time when all of the training, eating, and resting comes into play. Training hard comes from being able to fire on all cylinders no matter what happened that day or the previous day in the gym, gotta be ready to get after it and you can't do that without the proper recovery. Food is part of the equation but having something for that extra push can only help

12-15-09, 9:19 pm
In addition to the intense demands placed on the body by weightlifting, as an athlete I have the added stress of multiple practices each week. With two workouts each day, including any combination of weights, sprinting, agility, or full contact practice, my potential to grow at the rate I want is seriously stunted. Even though I eat an obscene amount of calories, they are almost all burnt to a crisp by the stress that I put on my body. At 6'2" and 220, with ten years of lifting experience, I know I have the potential to still pack on a fair amount of muscle, but it is a slow and tedious process. While we all know that there is no quick fix, I've tried most tricks in the book and I feel that it is my short recovery window that is the limiting factor. And since I can't drop the volume of my training if I want to keep performing at the level I need to, something like Project Z could be just what I need. Now I've tried several recovery products in the past, but they just didn't cut it. Maybe "Z" will be better? If I know Universal, this should be the "Animal" that I need.

12-15-09, 9:28 pm
Count me in crew, I get to the gym, I lift heavy, grit my teeth and "bear" the weight of the onslought with iron will power. and go home. No complainin here. It's my discipline it's our dicipline. My recovery's at the age of slowdown. The project is for me. So count me in!!!.

12-15-09, 9:34 pm
I train hard and work hard I have been serving this great country for a little less than 18 years and still have the intensity to lay it all out in the Gym. I currently am training for my next power-lifting meet and my next trip abroad. I have always used animal products since I first clanged the iron.

12-15-09, 10:02 pm
Here's my story -- I'm a 38 year old hard gainer. I have to eat twice as much and train twice as hard to make progress. I bust it every time I'm in the gym - first, because I know no other way to train, and second, it's the only way I can grow. I train this way 4 or 5 days per week, and in order to get back in there the next day and hit it as hard as I can I need to be as recovered as possible. I'd love to get some assistance in the recovery area -- if I can make the progress that I'm making now, I'd love to see what I can do with the help of a great new Animal product. Plus, I'd love to be the tester and positive testimonial for all of the "senior" guys in the forvm. Please give me a shot!

12-15-09, 10:02 pm
Recovery is where you grow... Tear it up in the gym, feed it.. and let it rest. The formula is easy enough to figure out but in our hectic lives much harder to accomplish. Jobs, family, kids.... Life gets in the way. Sleep becomes the one part of our day we can cut short, and most of us do. But lack of sleep is a lack of recovery, putting a stop to muscle growth. Improve your recovery, and you improve EVERYTHING!

12-15-09, 10:10 pm
I'd like to test it out because my job is demanding as is my lifestyle. I deliver fitness equipment for commercial gyms. Most days I work 10 hour days that include lifting treadmills, bikes, steppers, and building single station gyms. Some of these weigh 400-800lbs and sometimes I gotta go down steps with this stuff after working legs the night before. After days like that I still get my ass to the gym for some more punishment. Faster and better recovery would be a dream for me.

12-15-09, 10:25 pm
Recovery is simply the most important part of building muscle and gaining strength. It doesn't matter how hard you workout or what you do if you don't properly recover. Without proper recovery you simply can't build any muscle or gain any strength. Working out may tear down the muscle but it is the recovery that will rebuild the muscle and make it bigger and stronger. I often barely have enough time in my schedule for proper recovery. And it will only get harder for me to recover now when I enter student teaching in January. I will be in a school all day plus after school hours for additional work then it will be the gym and back to the house for more work. I will be lucky enough to get 6 hours of sleep a night so I will need all the help I can get in order to recover. I spent too much time after being sick rebuilding a better physique and I want every chance of making it better and that is why I think I would be great for testing this new product. With my schedule coming up I can really push this product to the limit.

12-15-09, 10:27 pm
Recovery is of utmost importance to me because it allows me to get back to lifting heavy for the following workout. Take today for example, I hit a new record deadlifting, it really exhausted me and I'm expecting to have aches and pains for the next few days. This probably means that there is a possibility I won't be able to do as much weight for my next workout. I'm always trying to push myself further and further everyday, and I expect to set new records everyday. But that isn't always possible, recovery is essential, if I can't recover than I can't lift or push weight to my body's full potential.

12-15-09, 10:36 pm
The only way to improve your muscle size and muscle strength is to allow adequate recovery time between performing exercises with the same muscle groups. It's not enough to bust your ass, day in and day out in the gym. It's crucial to understand that for your muscles to grow they must repair themselves. Post workout nutrition, along with plenty of sleep each night will be beneficial, but sometimes it isn't enough. I love going into the gym and destroying a certain muscle group; especially on leg day, I always feel so much more productive when I'm limping my ass out that front door. The part that sucks is that I know 2 days from now I'm going to be sore as shit waiting on my muscles to recover. The problem is that being a natural bodybuilder without the use of steroids, it's harder to keep up with my lifting partners, because their recovery time has been significantly reduced while theyre on cycle. To each his own, but I would love to supplement with a recovery product that would decrease recovery time so I could spend more time adding mass to my frame. I have never been selected as an alpha tester, and I feel like it would be a great experience for me to supplement this product along side my daily routine. Animal makes great products, and I'm anxious to see how this one turns out. Either way I'm sure i'll be picking up a can when it hits the market.

12-15-09, 10:44 pm
I'm in, how do you register?

12-15-09, 11:06 pm
I'm in, how do you register?

yah don't gotta just send your opinion in thats all.............

12-15-09, 11:08 pm
Recovery is important to any athlete because its how we grow... Lifting without it is just like pissing in the wind. The faster the recovery the faster the results the stronger the results.. and the quicker it is for me to get back into another leg day...
Strength is not obtained through constant tearing down of you body but of the growth that happens as it recovers stronger than it was before.... poor recovery only yields poor results... and like any lifter poor results pisses me off ... thats why recovery in any workout program has the utmost importance

I think I would be perfect as a tester because i bring the rain every time i train.... i dont piss around when it comes to my training, i run it hard and run it well, and it would be an honor to test this product out to the max.

12-15-09, 11:15 pm
project z
i myself am an upcoming "freak" i try everyday to be better than i was the previouse day recover to me is the second most important part of the game to me the first is to grow.i lift 6 days a week cardio everyday and it take a major toll on me. I hear my mentors tell me all the time i need rest and i say "bull shit i rest when i sleep. i am very hard on myself about my diet and supplements ive tryd so many only to have faild results.until in bought animal m stack and pump, The pure intensity i get from animal pump is ungodly.I will never lift with out it. But there is my down fall i use pump to its full advantage and by doing that i shut down because my body just can not lift any more. I ask for my pick in the testing program because i expect the best out of you guys and i will give my best day in and day out. -spencer

12-16-09, 1:13 am

Recovery is important to me in more ways than one. First off, I'm competing in my first show this upcoming August of 2010, and since I'm still in my "off-season", I need all the rest and recovery I can get. Heavy deads and squats don't recover themselves....

Secondly, I'm a full-time college student (sophomore) who has opted to forgo the shitty campus food and all that other bullshit. I have every excuse in the world to let my diet go to hell and not train, but I like to seperate myself from everyone else and go get mine. I stay up late and hit the books, then it's off to bed for the small ammount of sleep I get sometimes....but that's okay, I make due.

Third. I am a personal trainer at a new gym in my home town, Evansville IN. I have class at 8 am, then it's off to work from noon to roughly 7 or 8, (sometimes I have clients between classes) then I get my lift in on monday, wednesday and friday nights. Did I say friday nights? Tuesday and Thursdays are relatively light days, so I lift around 5 or 6. I would rather be around people who want to better themselves than be around some drunk asses at a college party. Yet again, putting in that work on a Friday night seperates me from a lot of other people. They recover by sleeping their lives away the next day. I recover by pounding food and shakes, gettin' mine.

Fourth. I preach recovery and proper nutrition to my clients. It would be unwise and hipocritical of me to not take my own advice. I supplement protein, a multi (Animal Pak), Amino Acids (Nitro) and joint health (Flex) already. I recommend a lot of Universal products to my clients, and they all seem to like them.

Basically it comes down to this: I'm a 20 year-old college sophomore who takes training, dieting, and lifestyle seriously. I work 20 plus hours a week training my clients, plus going to school full-time, and somehow I manage to get my lifts in 5 days a week plus all of my meals, plus in Augsut-October I volunteer my time as a junior league football coach. So After a long ass day, rest is all I want/need. Whatever you guys are cookin up, I'd love to try it.

Keep doin you're thing guys. Best products hands down, right here from Universal and Animal Pak. Put in your work and I'll keep puttin in mine in the weight room!

12-16-09, 1:43 am
Project Z

Recovery these days is becoming a lot harder. Having just turned 36 a couple months back, and being back working nights, It's no wonder. Being dead tired on my way into work, then trying to bang out a decent workout afterwards is no easy task. Due to my job being unpredictable, getting my meals in to help is proving difficult at times. If Universal is creating/testing a new product that will help with recovery (from soreness and physical taxation), I would love to be a part of that. It would also be great to be one of the first canadians to Alpha test a product!!

12-16-09, 2:41 am
Man do I need to be in this group. I will give the truth on the results this product will provide. I'm a strongman competitor and I am in the gym everyday of the week honing my skills. My body takes a beating and recovery is the most important part to me and any lifter to get stronger, bigger, and faster. I truly believe in Animal/Universal Nutrition products and those are about the only products that I have in my stable. If selected for this I will give up to the minute accurate results and will do what is needed to let you guys know just how awesome the products you are continuing to make are. Thank you.

12-16-09, 3:05 am
DEMN! this is what i need!
What to do: Ya just gotta tell us why recovery is of critical importance to you and why you want to this new prototype. ---->
recovery is very critical for me bec i use most of my arms for work bec i work as a fulltime artist and i do martial arts so recovery is a must for my day and i need it to gain much more size

ps- now i have a US mailing address :) now i can join the alpha test :)

12-16-09, 4:19 am
Recovery is a huge part of building muscle. There are a lot of things that factor into huge gains, which includes but not limited too proper supplements (as well as nutrition), work out intensity (as well as technique), and often times left out; is proper recovery.

I work out a lot at least 5 times a week, often times doing double days. Chest, arms, shoulders, legs, and back even plyometrics nothing is left out. I eat about 1g of protein per pound of body weight daily. I do a three week cycle of animal test stak and Pak. Followed by a cycle of m-stak, pak, nitro, pump and omega. Then take 4 weeks off only taking vitamins.

This regiment only started 2 months ago, aside from the way I look. My proudest achievement has to be bench press going from 160 1 rep max to an impressive 225 3 rep!!! I used to bench 240 in high school but never be4 have I gained so quickly!!!

I feel like I have a good handle on work out knowledge, but in the same breath will say I am still a student of the game. As far as recovery goes I will take hydro whey protein as well as animal nitro immediately after workout. If there were any holes to my plan it would have to be the recovery stage. This is why I feel I would be a great candidate for this product… I have a great base; amazing work out regiment, gains that have shown, and motivation by the truck loads. I feel this product can be the final solution to my game.

All in all I would have to say I’m getting cut and I bleed animal products!!!

12-16-09, 5:13 am
Recovery is essential when it comes to weightlifting and muscle building. Without proper recovery, one will find it all but impossible to make any real measurable progress. A solid diet, proper supplementation, and adequate rest are of course essentials as well; in fact, these elements will help to facilitate recovery. That being said, with what we put ourselves through, we need all the help that we can get when it comes to recovery.

As with all lifters, the above is true for me. Simply put, I cannot train effectively without recovery. Proper recovery allows me to keep on training, to break down muscle so that it can grow and build itself anew, better and stronger than before...of course only to be broken down again in the future, so that it may then grow some more. This is a continual cycle of purposeful destruction followed by growth, a cycle which is facilitated by recovery.

As I have said, I need all the help I can get when it comes to recovery. I train 5-6 days a week, follow a solid supplement regimen, try to eat right, and I also try to get as much rest as I can. I work nights, so it's hard for me to follow a normal schedule. Furthermore, the training does take it's toll; and while I do love the soreness that serves as a reminder of the hard work that I put in at the gym, I would of course welcome anything that will help me to improve my recovery.

Therefore, I would like to be considered for the Alpha Testing Program for "Project Z." It would be an honor and a privilege to test it out and see if/how it can help with my recovery.

12-16-09, 5:51 am
Recovery is important to me because every morning before the sun is up I am in the dungeon trying to bend the bar. I need to get more sleep and I need to eat more but so does everyone else. All I know is I count on every minute of my downtime to help me get ready for the battle. Anything that can help me attack and be ready faster and stronger is only going to push me harder to conquer my goals.

12-16-09, 7:05 am
i have been waiting for an awesome after workout supplement from u guys id be honored to test this!!!

12-16-09, 8:18 am
Wow a lot of new members stepping into the ring for this one!

12-16-09, 8:51 am
Recovery at my age is critical, I strech, I take supplements and Im still sore for days. Its a good feeling. Makes me feel Im alive. I think it would be an awesome opprotunity to be in on the groung level testing a new product. Would also give the designers a varation range of how it works for different age groups.

12-16-09, 8:59 am
Wow a lot of new members stepping into the ring for this one!

Yup. It's a rare opportunity to be the first to test a brand new formula.

12-16-09, 9:01 am
Yup. It's a rare opportunity to be the first to test a brand new formula.

7 pages in one day, but the limited edition Cardio Sucks T-Shirt did not even reach 6 in the whole span.

Shows just how big this is going to be.

How did the first dosage go yesterday E?

12-16-09, 9:11 am
recovery is super important because the better recovered you are, the more you can workout. If you go to the gym and it takes over a week to recover from working out, that can be a problem. It sets you back it may interfere with other muscle groups if you are still sore from the previous workout. Recovery is also important because you feel refreshed once you are fully recovered from your workout. I would love to test the new supp; im always looking for ways to increase my recovery time.


12-16-09, 9:21 am
Being new to this existence I am quickly learning and developing, I have noticed that recovery is a big play in devolping no matter what you are training for, if you dont take care of your body after trashing it at the gym you have nothing. train had one day recvovery and take care of yourself so you can wake up the next day a train hard again.You have nothing to build from you are not in the condition to grow or perform. Recovery prevent injury, you hurt yourself you have nothing....

12-16-09, 9:39 am
I would love to test your new product. I am a firm believer of the Animal brand and I'm currently taking Animal Nitro. I have noticed tremendous gains in strength and feel that a little more recovery would benefit my gains even more because I can get back into the gym after a grueling workout. Let's make this happen.


12-16-09, 9:46 am
Recovery, to me, has greater meaning than what the "normal" Bodybuilder sees it as. Believe me, I know. You see, I have spent 15 years (since high school football) "slipping away" so to speak, and have been battling with Chronic Fatigue and what I though was just a future of un-ending weakness. Doctors told me I needed more excercise, yet excercise made me actually SICK. I tried several times to start at gyms to no avail. I even missed work a couple times the next day because it tore me up so bad. A week or more, literally, I would be in pain...

...After being diagnosed 6 months ago with a Testosterone deficiency, I now know what was the reason behind my Chronic Weakness, and my body's inability to respond to excercise. It was shortly after that I found Animal, and began my determination to re-build my body. Animal supplements and proper nutrition have gotten my systems in much better working order, and now I am beginning the next "phase".

I have been lifting at the local health club now for a week. I decided to start a 12 week log, and I am FORCING myself to go every other day no matter what...I have chosen a very short routine, and I do only 2 sets of each. So, I leave the Gym with a little bit of "pump" but later, I feel like I could have done a lot more...But I know that my body won't let me. I can't recover from anything more extreme, and if I try harder, I will miss days and fall short of my goals.

Project Z is something that seems to be designed especially for me. It's almost as if you guys saw my struggle and called me out, and I am here to accept the challenge. I am not quitting, and I need a recovery product that won't let me down after I do my part at the gym. I need something that will allow me to work my body harder and longer knowing that I will be able to recover and go back in 2 days for more.

I can give your product the most extreme test possible, and together, we can achieve our goals...Because after this 12 week log, comes the next 12 week log...and the next....And that is what recovery is to me. Recovery is critical to muscle growth, as is every other aspect of this game...but for me, if I can't recover, I can't go back...If I can't go back, I will slide right back to where I was before...And fail.

Thank you for letting me share my story. I appreciate the chance to be considered, and most of all, I will NOT give up!


12-16-09, 9:54 am
HOOK ME UP! I used to use nitro-G (amazing) but recently Ive been creatine my own post work out cocktail(saves money) but I would love to try this new product. I just got done with a STAK cycle and I am ALWAYS using PAK. One thing Ive learned over time is you cant go wrong with animal products.


12-16-09, 10:05 am
You know I'm in brother!

12-16-09, 10:38 am
Nitro G then EAA Stack, Nitro and now this. if i could only test this out. esp on a cut

Go Big Or Go Home
12-16-09, 10:44 am
wow I have been waiting for this kind of opportunity.... I need something to help me recover as fast as possible, with training everyday and waking up at 5 am every morning for school then work shortly after I need something to help me feeling good in a short period of time

12-16-09, 11:15 am
Whether we want to admit it or not most of us are trapped in the "normal" world 40+ hrs a week while keeping the dream alive of bettering our physiques the rest of the time.

I have to sit at a desk and punch these damn keys to make a living while trying to manage the rest of my everyday activities. Shoveling snow, fixing up the house, watching the baby, the same things the average Joe goes through every day but with a few exceptions.

The difference is that I do all of that after a week of working arms to the point I can't answer the phone without bicep cramps. I cant run to the truck in the morning because I did 60+ reps of 225lb squats the day before. I wake up more sore than when I went to bed....and I love every minute of it.

Anything that can help me get back into the gym faster and more prepared for a day that starts at 4am and ends at 10pm, I'm in for trying out.


12-16-09, 11:31 am
Everyone gets sore, everyone is training every day, but not everyone is geared up for growth. Some of us have chosen the path less traveled by in the bodybuilding woods.

I have been lifting hard and busting my guts trying desperatly to gain every tiny ounce of muscle that i can while dealing with turning 40 next year and the even slower results coming with the ages. I have done my research and studying and hve been using vit c and all the other natural things i can afford on a newpaper carriers budget that can help reduce my recovery time and soreness. So to be considered to try something new and natural and something that can help me in an all i one supplement will also help with my budget restrictions would be wonderful. Plus , I have signed up for every offer you guys have come up with and have not been picked for any of them , it would make a great start to the new year!

12-16-09, 11:38 am
To me recovery is just as important as one's nutrition. If you dont let your body recover you dont grow. You grow outside the gym not in it. Thats why recovery was really important if you dont let your body recover properly your going to be damaging them or just not building any muscle at all! I would love to try this product because i have always trusted and love universal/animal products and truly believe this product will be really great and will take the supp industry by storm

12-16-09, 11:40 am
I would love to be part of this trial and give you guys my feedback.

We all tear ourselves apart daily, and rarely recover as fast as would be desired. I know I regularly have soreness in my hams, calves, and quads for anywhere between 3 - 5 days when I really tear things up, and thats a long time to stumble around.

With my job, I have a lot of physical demands on my body and mind, and I always need to be as productive as possible. When a big day like back or legs lands a day or two before a gig and I know I have to be top notch, it's always a battle, because I want to hit things as hard as possible but I also feel I should take it easy. If I had the ability to recover better, I could confidently go all out regardless of what my schedule has on it.

I don't think my priorities are messed up - I just want to the best work, inside the gym and out of it.

12-16-09, 11:43 am
I'm a 53 year old single father of 3. I just love working out. I weigh 170 and just benched 315 with my youngest son taping it. He was very proud of me. If I could just recover more quickly, I know I could compete in a masters competition next spring. That is my goal. Please help me out, guys. I will be in your debt.

Mr. Aestheticz
12-16-09, 11:50 am
Random Question?

Is This A Intra Or Post Supp?

Though It Does Say Helps With Recovery/repair That Can Mean Recovery/repair During Your Workout To Continue To Bang The Iron, Or Recovery/repair Post-wo, Both Are Vital


Mr. Dead
12-16-09, 12:24 pm
How many extremely lucky people are going to be picked...???

12-16-09, 12:31 pm
All ready got mine in on the 2nd page, I jumped on this rather quick cause I saw that canadians where finally allowed for a promo, nice to see :)

12-16-09, 12:35 pm
i train too hard not to recover. i recover so I can train hard again

12-16-09, 12:56 pm
There's some good entries here! Can't wait to see who gets it. This is exciting!

Chase "BIG COUNTRY" Browning
12-16-09, 12:57 pm
Well I missed out on Project C, and I would love to alpha test Project Z and help Animal out. I have done quite a few detailed logs both here and on bb.com, and my log of this product would be very detailed as well. As for recovery, in this game its the difference between going over the edge and being mediocre just like Evan said in his new article. I push myself day after day and week after week, and I count on Universal products like Pak, Torrent, BCAA Stack, and Uni-Liver to help keep my recovery up to par so I have plenty of experience with recovery products. I think it would be a great opportunity to test this product and give an honest review of its recovery benefits!

12-16-09, 2:43 pm
to me, recovery is important not only in endurance and strength aspect, but the physical part as well. On top of good nutrition, most of us need good supplementation to assist us in recovery. Sure a good massage here and there and eating a good meal after a hard deadlift session is great, but you still need to take that time off to recover for your next session and Im sure i can speak for most when I say that we are eager to get back into the shop and take care of business sooner than later.

I've been out of the game for quite some time due to injury after injury and I took ALOT of time off to heal. Now that Im back, I've been looking for a good recovery supplement and what better way than to start with this new product that Animal has to offer. I wouldnt mind giving this a try and adding it to my arsenal of Animal products that Im currently taking.

12-16-09, 3:36 pm
You know why I should be chosen to test the new Alpha? Because that's who I am! An Alpha male. I train MMA and I'm looking to go pro. Muay Thai, Boxing, dirty boxing, greco roman wrestling, wrestling, Jiu jitsu, judo and karate all rolled into one. To be the best you have to out work EVERYONE else.

That means hours of endless cardio and calisthenics in the early a.m. around 5-6.

I try to hit the weights hard for 30-45 min. in the early afternoon around 2-3.My weight lifting regimen is strictly power lifting. I don't have time or energy for anything but the most important lifts; squats, leg press, dead lifts, power cleans etc.

Then at the end of the day, 6-8pm, after I'm nearing exhaustion I head to the gym again for some time on the mat or in the ring.

Five days a week of intense training and I'm always ready for Sat. and Sun. so I can do NOTHING!!! I get a few hours of rest in between workouts so recovery time is extremely important.

I have been taking the pak for years. I used to do body building and Animal pak and Stak were my best friend in the gym. Now I'm pumped to hear about Alpha and can't wait to try it out. RECOVERY is critical to success. Soreness and fatigue slow me down, can Alpha give me the edge I need?

12-16-09, 4:27 pm
Look guys you don't need another Joe telling you how important post workout nutrition. Especially given you credentials. Recovery is vital to growing and preparing to hit it hard next time you in the gym but its no reason to make excuses why one shouldn't bust ass regardless if you not 100%. As far as if I would make a good lab rat..you make the call. I've got my 1st show next October so I am putting on the winter coat right now. And who wouldn't love some free shit. Especially if its from Universal. I've got a good regiment in and out of the gym right now and def could make room for a good post workout supplement. However if I don't feel its up to par or just not working for me, I'm not going to sugarcoat it and talk it up. I'll shoot you straight. Either way looking forward to checking it out when it hits the shelves.

I'll keep my guns, freedom, & money...you can keep the "Change!"

12-16-09, 5:40 pm
I believe that as important as training is, recovery is that much more important. Complete recovery is what will make you stronger and help you get the results that you need and want. Recovery is the chemical reaction that is necessary for your body to produce muscular growth. I train 2 to 3 times a week and go hard as hell when I am in the gym. Anything that will help me get an advantage on recovery would be great. Optimum recovery depends on appropriate rest and adequate NUTRITION!! I hope I am considered for the Alpha Testing.

Heavy Lifter
12-16-09, 5:42 pm
Recovery is extremely important to me as a competitive bodybuilder. My training is crazy intense from supersets, to double to triple drop sets, to pure heavy lifting, recovery is extremely important to me so I can get back into the gym and train as hard as the day before. Alpha z seems like its going to live up to my standards, I'm very picky when it comes to my supplements, and every animal product i have taken has definitely kept up with my high intensity training. Adding Alpha z to the already no bullshit line of animal is going to be amazing, and I would love to be one of the few bodybuilders who get to try it out before it hits the shelves.

12-16-09, 5:54 pm
This new product sounds exactly like something I could use. I'm just starting to lift seriously again after light workouts for the past four months due to injuring both shoulders one after the other. The first hard back workout I did a couple weeks ago had my lats hurting for 6 days straight.
In addition to lifting, I run and train Judo several times a week. These workouts, combined with my job (I'm a firefighter/paramedic and work 24 hour shifts) really take a toll on my body and I sometimes find that I need to take a couple days in a row off from lifting.
I'm not looking for a miracle cure for the aches and pains, because honestly, I think most of us probably like the pain a little, but it would be great to speed up my recovery time so that I push myself even harder.
I would be willing to provide before and after photos and would provide detailed, honest feedback on my experiences if I am chosen as a tester for your new product.

12-16-09, 6:33 pm
Very excited for the new Animal product,
Recovery is very important to me, I train 5 days a week, heavy as I can all the time.
I have a comp in between may and august so now more then ever is recovery important. I need to keep the gains I've got during my 16 week cut so I can be shreaded yet have great mass.

12-16-09, 7:20 pm
i Have been a way from the game for too long. at the age of 18 i had succeeded the majority of the seasond atheletes in the gym's i've trained at. i had an average sized bench of 345*5 a squat of 485*6 i shoulder pressed an impressive 345*8 and curled my body wieght of 245 Lbs an anywhere from 6-8 reps per set. aside from my bulk i aquired great stamina and often outlasted many of the more "fit" people, due to my vast regimine which included many different training methods and styles. at 6 ft. i stood an animal; however, like i said before a cumulation of diferent incedents has kept me from realizing my full potential.If i were chosen as a test subject i believe i will be able to provide animal pack with valuable insight on the products', and my full potential. i along wth a few other animals have a bodyspace which i am viewable at. keep in mind the pictures are out of date

12-16-09, 7:38 pm
dang. yall got alot of posts to read. ill make mine short. recovery, further more a good nights sleep, is vital for muscle growth. i only take universal/animal products because i know its legit and as hard working as i am. if your crankin out a recovery product, please count me in

12-16-09, 8:15 pm
Hmmm...only 9 pages so far???

12-16-09, 8:50 pm
Getting antzy on this one....from the hints dropped this looks like something I've been interested in for awhile now. Recovery is key and the best time for recovery when gh levels are flowing and the body is in a state of repair....damn skippy I'm subbed on this and have my fingers crossed.

12-16-09, 8:53 pm
Well to make it simple, if you train hardcore and you're sore. No matter how tough you are physically you're gonna be stopped.

Anyway I don't want to get this for me. I want to get this for my trainer, he's a real cool guy that everyone likes and even though he's popular he doesn't let that get to his ego and look down upon anyone. He's a hard working guy who's getting ready to diet down for a competition. He works all day with clients and has to work out in the middle of the day at the gym at his job. At the moment he's taking some recovery thing he doesn't like to much and always wears an animal shirt when he's working out. Just today doing some deadlifts, I saw the red animal shirt turn blood red because of the sweat coming out of his hard work.

Anyway he takes a lot of animal products and would be more than happy to give his insight.
It would be a nice surprise to get him.

Thanks for making these products guys.. still don't know where I'd be without the pump, pak, nitro, flex, omegal... basically everything. Peace.

The Shogun
12-16-09, 9:13 pm
Recovery to me allows me a chance to remind the world that I am refocused and ready to bring old school hard style back..I have always been a Karate master, caught between 2 worlds...I hear the call of the iron..I am 46 been out of the gym for 5 years, before my break I had 19.5 inch arms and benched 520lb natural..I left the gym to spend more time with my new wife....mistake...now she is gone and I am back....and the call of the Dojo...I am a black belt 5th dan...in 1988 I was the number 4 rated heavy weight in the world in WUKO karate...open and heavy weight...so I am training hard and have no time to play...started taking Vitrix to help my testosterone levels...but know that I need to come home..to my family for advise and diet help...The A...I am home...The Shogun!!

12-16-09, 9:34 pm
Just want to say good luck to all those entered. I just know that this is going to be another sick product. Cant wait to check out of all the threads of those who get to sample the product first hand. Big Ups to all those at Animal for always reinventing new products to help us all grow.

12-16-09, 11:40 pm
Recovery time is critical to myself, I'm doing two-a-days five times a week while at college. I'm hitting cardio and light weights in the morning before class and then lifting heavy in the afternoon.

I love to lift and would be proud to test anything Animal produces; I hope I can help the cause.

your brother in iron,


12-16-09, 11:45 pm
Why is recovery of critical importance?

First and foremost, I love being the gym. If I could, I'd be in there all day just going at the weights. Because of this, I understand the importance of recovery as I've exhausted myself to no end.
Second, the goal I have in mind (to fight professionally), I have to have good muscle endurance and recovery. I have to be able to perform for at least 15 minutes inside a ring, cage, or on the mats. If I don't have the ability to have my muscles pull a quick recovery then I won't be able to perform and be successful at what I want to do.
Finally, tying the two together, if you look at my journey, I like going hard but its been difficult since my body hasn't been able to keep up with the pace I want to, which has hurt my mental. If I can get something to help my recovery then I know there will be nothing standing in between me and my goal.

12-17-09, 12:02 am
I want in on this for sure. To me, almost nothing is more important than recovery. I follow a Mentzer-style HIT routine, and rest to me is the most important factor in growth other than the intensity and durationg of my workouts. I believe to achive maximum results that workouts need to be intense, but brief and infrequent. It is not uncommon for me to take 4,5 or even 7 day layoffs between workouts. I would love to see the effects of Project Z and see if I can recover effectively from my workouts faster. Please pick me thanks ahead of time.

12-17-09, 12:50 am
Looks like you've got a lot of good potential candidates to test the product already. I think we all already know how important recovery is. I love to lift and lift hard, but with my job recovery is a huge issue. As a fireman/paramedic, I cannot do heavy squats or deadlifts without 3 days off before my next shift. If I get a hard deadlift workout in, my back is jacked for at least 72 hours, and I can't take the chance that I'll have to respond to a call where I'm required to carry a 400lb patient down three flights of stairs. I work with three other guys, but when there's heavy lifting to be done in the course of our duties, it always falls on me, since I'm the only guy on the shift who works out seriously and am much stronger than the rest of my crew.
I've tried several products in the Animal line before, and have always been impressed by the quality and results. If this new supplement can significantly reduce recovery time, it will allow me to train harder and allow a much more flexible lifting schedule for me.

12-17-09, 1:37 am
Post workout recovery is as important to me as nutrition is. It can easily mean gaining muscle, gaining strength or losing muscle and losing strength. Why would I want to sweat, and hurt my body just to go in the opposite direction of my overall goal. I find that post workout nutrition and supplementation need to be not only on a equal and very regulated state but that they need to the best things for me too. I am looking for my key to a better body. I want to be able to kick my ass in the gym and know that next time I can do it again without any second guess. I workout as much as my body can take. I am in the gym always using precise and controlled technique, I eat clean, live clean, and sleep 8 hours a day. But that’s not enough I need as much help as I can. I am by definition a HARDGAINER, and I need to give my body all the love it can get. That’s why want your prototype.

12-17-09, 2:17 am
it's not important to me right now. Yep, you read that right. I'm guilty of ignoring the shit I should be more concerned about, like post workout recovery (aside from a protein shake), cardio, proper sleep, and food that doesn't taste good. Mia culpa.
Having clearly defined goal for recovery (ie Alpha testing) will help me along by forcing me to pay attention to it instead of soley focusing on lifting itself (me lift heavy stuff).
Help get me on the right track!

12-17-09, 9:05 am
wow...so far lots of interest, gonna be hard to choose from everyone...good luck to all the animals that enter, when Animal comes out with something new, it just goes to show that everyone wants to try it, because we know its gonna be damn solid.

J Beast
12-17-09, 11:09 am
Sup Fellas. I would love to try out your new product. I'm in the middle of a mass building diet/progrram. I use Animal Pak and Animal Flex daily and can't live without them. I have been training heavier and heavier for the last few months while trying to pack on mass. I have a full time job as a nurse, a part time nursing gig, and volunteer as a paramedic as well. Adequate rest can be difficult to come by so I can use all the help I can get. Thanks for putting the opportunity to test a new product out here to real lifters.

Arnold Is Numero Uno
12-17-09, 11:49 am
I would love to try this out. All I take are Animal/Universal products and all I recommend to others is the same. I bust ass in the gym and I've got the physique to prove it (still need to get bigger of course). So why do I need help with some recovery? Well shit, takin 16 hours next semester won't be a joke and I've gotta bust ass. It's tough gettin in all right foods you need and the right amount of sleep when you're in college. Maybe "project Z" can help me out. Keep up the good work over at Universal!


U Mad Brah?
12-17-09, 11:56 am
Just checked my emails brahs. would love to test out anything animal has to offer us hard training brahs. recovery is the name of the game brahs. if you brahs need me to test it, i'm in brahs

12-17-09, 1:14 pm
come on guys you know im in the air force and i lift four days a week i do a split routine and when i hit that pt in the morning its crazy tired is all i feel i need something good to help me recover

12-17-09, 1:58 pm
Just checked my emails brahs. would love to test out anything animal has to offer us hard training brahs. recovery is the name of the game brahs. if you brahs need me to test it, i'm in brahs

thats a whole lot of brahs....too much for me...bro

Mr. Dead
12-17-09, 2:05 pm
How many extremely lucky people are going to be picked...???

*Knowledge bump...*

12-17-09, 2:07 pm
good question, not sure that they said how many lucky winners there will be....hopefully enough for the both of us....lol

12-17-09, 7:13 pm
Just checked my emails brahs. would love to test out anything animal has to offer us hard training brahs. recovery is the name of the game brahs. if you brahs need me to test it, i'm in brahs

Hey good post bro. Hope you win bro. Keep training hard bro, later bro.

12-17-09, 8:55 pm
thats a whole lot of brahs....too much for me...bro

honestly its just annoying..just a troll from bb.com if you want to troll take it somewhere else.

12-18-09, 12:50 am
I've done everything from USMC OCS to running half-marathons so I know what it feels like to be sore, but I also know that when you're sore is when your muscles have failed, and its what you do after failure that determines whether you rise to the occasion or shrink into obscurity.

I've been lifting constantly since last winter but now I'm getting real serious about this iron lifestyle. I dedicate myself fully to whatever I get involved with and I think that my new found addiction could use a boost. I've been lurking in the shadows of the Forvm for a while now and I would love to take this opportunity to jump into this.

Little Z
12-18-09, 1:34 am
You gotta know with a product being dubbed Project 'Z' im gonna have to get in the mix..

I would love the chance to help Alpha Test another Animal product, as I was apart of the Project 'C' crew and had fantastic results (18lbs in 21 days)
so you know you get the real deal when I am involved.

Recovery.. without it, we have zero results.. I am currently training for a Power Lifting meet and recovery has become the name of the game for myself
and my training partners. To have this chance to test a new product FROM Animal that deals specifically with recovery is exactly what I need right now.
I think I would be a perfect candidate for this Alpha Test and would get fantastic results.

I wanna try this new prototype simply because I know when it comes to Animal products, it is the real deal, and thats why we are all here. We dont care about
no fancy labels or pretty colors. We know when we purchase a product from the Animal line we get 100% results, each and every time.
I know I have, and so have the people I have shown the way who now use Animal products. I just think this would be a great opportunity, even if I
am not selected, for anyone who gets picked. I know with this family here on the forvm you will get a great deal of determination and great results.
I think I am more excited to see the results than anything else.

Good luck to everyone, and bring on Project Z.

12-18-09, 8:20 am
Hey good post bro. Hope you win bro. Keep training hard bro, later bro.

now thats some funny ass shit.

12-18-09, 8:21 am
kind of surprised were not on page 20 right now....what gives.

U Mad Brah?
12-18-09, 9:14 am
thats a whole lot of brahs....too much for me...bro

Hey good post bro. Hope you win bro. Keep training hard bro, later bro.

honestly its just annoying..just a troll from bb.com if you want to troll take it somewhere else.

just excited for this product my good brahs

Big Rigg
12-18-09, 9:31 am
Recovery is the number 1 thing that most people pay the least amount of attention to. Everyone will tell u that the spend hours in the gym pushing heavy weights and the go home and sit in front of the kitchen table for the rest of the day... and this is why they dont get the results the should be, they are lacking the key ingredient for growth... recovery!

Recently my trainer has added some new things into my training routine to help me with my recovery. We've added in PNF and Myo-fascial stretching. This will allow my body to recover form my workouts faster and also give me more area in the muscle to promote growth. Im currently getting ready for a Amateur bodybuilding show, and am confident that i will take my weight class this year.. I am currently using animal pak, animal flex, animal test, animal pump.

Project Z seems like that missing link that I need in my supplement mix to help me get through those plateaus and get some serious growth gains!

12-18-09, 12:25 pm
Recovery has always been important to me, but i've recently started the Westside Barbell Template and fuck its brutal. Max days keep me sore for 2 or 3 days sometimes. It would be nice to recover quicker and I know any product coming out of the animal line up is going to be top of the line.

12-18-09, 3:20 pm
On the same level of importance with food. Unfortunately in life, it's something that many of us have a hard time getting a quality amount of. I work the nightshift, and rely HEAVILY on my Melatonin to help me function in life, and for my recovery from the gym. I don't sleep, and it all goes to hell quick! I am definately interested in trying Project Z as I have never used anything besides Melatonin to help me sleep, and feel I could benefit a lot from it. Thanks Animal for the opportunity.

12-18-09, 4:19 pm
Recovery is very important to me since I am coming off a major knee surgery and preparing for my second professional fight. Since I am a heavyweight and come from a powerlifting background, I keep training explosive and heavy at least once a day. I also do conditioning in some form every day, this varies from anaerobic threshold to aerobic capacity. Of course I need to do technique training everyday and sometimes twice a day. At The very least I am training three times a day and if I have time it can be as much as five times. I just dont have enough hours in a day or days in a week to do everything that I need to do and recover properly.

12-18-09, 8:44 pm
I'm not going to sit here and tell you why recovery is important to me, we all know why that is, so if that disqualifies me from this thing... fuck it. I've never been one to win on these contest and sweepstakes anyhow. Its almost like i am just a shadow in the background the one that never gets noticed or called out to be first in line. im not a genetic freak thats why I have to bust my fat ass to lose that extra pound, thats why i go out back of the gym and puke every night i do legs, thats why i get up in the morning at ten till four and head to the gym to get on that fucking treadmill. hoping maybe one day the 230 pounds of muscle that lie beneath will show through like striated body-armor.

If i dont get to test out some cool ass new animal product well that will be fine with me, i never ask for hand-outs anyways. Even if i am not one of the chosen few i will still be here every morning, every night, busting ass, supplementing my animal supps like clockwork and getting every meal in right on time with hopes of one day taking my rightful place beside my iron brothers on the stage.

Stay Faithful Brothers...

12-19-09, 9:29 am
bump...just making sure this stays where people can see it and sign up for it. although if you havent already....oh well

12-19-09, 1:19 pm
bumpin for all those who are unaware of this promo.

12-19-09, 2:15 pm
Only a couple more days to get in on this! I just want to point out to you guys that at the beginning of the thread, the rules state that you need a minimum of 5 posts here. This makes five for me. If you don't have your five posts, better get cranking!

Burke Knapp
12-19-09, 2:22 pm
Ill try anything Universal sends my way! Didnt care for the tast of torrent and currently not taking a recovery mix,,sure could use it.

12-19-09, 5:59 pm
Would love to take part in Project Z. Recovery is very important to me, after leg days I'm wrecked fall week as well as my back takes it share of the toll. Being 35 and still young in this game, would be great to see how much better I could recover on "Z". Plus it might help with all the questions I get from the idiots at work who always ask "why you walkin' funny?"

Would also be interesting to see how I recover from my weekly hard hockey skate in the beer league! Us has been's don't recover like we did back in the day.

Either way, Animal & Universal are top notch to me. Keep up the great work, product & forvm!


12-19-09, 6:25 pm
I would love to log this product for Universal.

Now that I am trying to put on as much quality muscle as possible, I am lifting heavier and heavier weights in the gym. All of that lifting is very taxing on my muscles, nervous system, and does a lot to the body. And making sure that I dont waste my time in the gym, I want to make sure I recover completey and as fast as possible. Thats where I would greatly benefit from using this Project Z supplement. And being that this is a Universal Nutrition supplement, you can be assured that it is nothing but a quality supplement that will help you with your goals you are trying to achieve

12-19-09, 7:34 pm
After spending 4 months in a cast for a ruptured achilles,I'm finally cleared to lift my legs again. I need help on trying to get my legs back.It was also hard to keep up my upper body while on crutches. So I'm now starting to hit the weights hard again. I would be a perfect guenea pig! So give a long time lifter a boost on catching back up going forward.My wife keeps telling me to slow and lift light so I won't hurt so much.Hey,lifting is my way of life! Thanks and I'm ready to be your guinea pig!

12-19-09, 7:38 pm
Only a couple more days to get in on this! I just want to point out to you guys that at the beginning of the thread, the rules state that you need a minimum of 5 posts here. This makes five for me. If you don't have your five posts, better get cranking!

Thanks for that, I wasn't aware of that little condition.

12-19-09, 7:52 pm
To do: Ya just gotta tell us why recovery is of critical importance to you and why you want to this new prototype.

(re⋅cov⋅er⋅y) /rɪˈkʌvəri/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ri-kuhv-uh-ree]

the regaining of substances in usable form, as from refuse material or waste products.

per dictionary.com

Running 8-20 miles a week(weather dependent), swimming 3-5 miles a week and hitting the weights, I cant even begin to tell you how much missing a nights rest, or a post workout meal will hit me like a ton of bricks. Recovery dictates whether or not I'm moving forward in my training, or backwards. Its as important as the food I eat and the air I breath.

ANIMAL products have always been cutting edge. I'm trying to get prepped up for BUDs school(SEALs training), so I want to see if this prototype could help put an edge in my training.

12-19-09, 7:52 pm
I recently returned to powerlifting.My chest and shoulders ache,my back is fucked,and my legs are so sore I have trouble getting off the toilet. I feel like a bucket of smashed ass.Its awesome ! 9 4 9

12-19-09, 8:01 pm
I need help on recovering after workouts.It is depressing on trying to get my legs back to grow after sitting out 4 months with torn achilles tendon.I'

12-19-09, 8:04 pm
I need help on recovering after workouts.It is depressing on trying to get my legs back to grow after sitting out 4 months with a torn achilles tendon. I'm your guinea pig,thanks.Never say quit!

12-19-09, 9:16 pm
Recovery is everything.If you dont recover you dont grow.A supplement made for recovery would be the most critical supplement in a lifters arsenal.

12-19-09, 9:25 pm
Currently lifting four days a week.two on,one off,two on,two off, repeat.I have never missed a training session and am very strict with my training and eating, because Im a classic ectomorph in gaining weight.I can pack dense muscle but only about 10lbs of solid mass a year.Never gain any fat.Started at 125lbs in november 2006.i need a supplment to improve recovery speed because my workouts are so intense im sore for days deep in the muscle

12-19-09, 9:27 pm
down to the nitty gritty fellas, 2 days til the big announcement, get those last minute entries going....

Big Irish
12-19-09, 9:30 pm
First off, I know I don't meet the qualification of five previous posts because I just joined but I wanted to spout off about Animal products. They are "Great". I've been lifting on and off most of my adult life but not until about two years ago did I start hitting the weights seriously. In the past three months I started taking Animal product just for the reason of hoping my recovery time would be cut down and the hope of getting the extra boost I was needing to get over some plateaus. I can honestly say I believe both have been achieved and then some. Especially in the mirror, I can see a change in appearance already. I also have noticed an increase in intensity during my workouts and being almost 48 years of age recovery is by far the most important thing one looks for out of his supplements. Again, I know I missed the qualification mark of minimum five posts but I can assure you I fall well within the remaining peramanders. Please let me know when it hits the markets.

12-19-09, 10:58 pm
Recovery to me is always a struggle. I work on my feet all day (ten hour days) than hit the gym after work. Day to day my recovery changes, most weeks I end up taking extra days off to fully heal up. A decrease in my recovery time would give my progress a much needed boost! I'm looking for ways to move forward in my training and I think that this would be an excellent start! Animal, Thanks again for the opportunity to be involved in one your promos!

12-20-09, 1:05 am
I wanna try your prototype. This can give me a great advantage for my recovery & dieting for my show. Thank you for the opportunity!!!

12-20-09, 2:11 am
I could really use some of this Recovery stuff right now...I killed my chest yesterday doing inclines.
Like I said in an earlier post, I'm just getting back into some real lifting after about 4 months of light workouts due to injuring both shoulders. I'm seeing week-to-week gains right now and I'm planning on kicking off the New Year right by doing back-to-back cycles of Animal Test finished with a cycle of MStak.
Adding size isn't all that important to me as long as I keep getting stronger. Since I'm a competitive martial artist, I really just want to be as strong as possible in whatever weight class I'm in. I dont like to cut weight anymore, so I usually wind up in the heavyweight division (over 200lbs in most Judo tournaments). Last tournament I weighed in at 204 and was the lightest competitor in my division by about 30lbs. I could probably bulk up to about 220 pretty easily, but I think I would lose an unacceptable amount of speed and conditioning if all I did was lift heavy and eat.
As if the lifting and Judo weren't enough, I'm also training for a half-marathon on March 21st. Seriously guys, my body needs to RECOVER. I'm not expecting miracles, but if this stuff works half as well as other Animal pruducts I've tried, count me in!!!

12-20-09, 9:54 am
I jost woke up from a perfect night of sleep and I fell fresh and ready to smash some weights again. Even though yesterday I killed my back and biceps in an really heavy and intense workout. When I get my zzz's, I recover so much better. I hope project Z will help me recover well in my sleep.

12-20-09, 12:50 pm
I'm not sure I qualify, as I am a Team Red participant this time around (I consider myself a "winner" because of this but I don't know if you do :) ), but I would LOVE to be a part of this test. Here's why:

Quite honestly, I'm trying to fit 2 1/2 days into each 24 hour day, and my body takes a beating because of it. I'm 28 but with working 60+ hour weeks plus getting to the gym 6 days per week plus all the cooking, cleaning, recreational activities, and other work I'm trying to do, my schedule is regimented, scheduled, and INTENSE from 4-5am to 8-10 pm, every day, 7 days a week. The hard work has been worth it; I've lost almost 30 pounds this year, just secured a raise of over 5% at my job, and my new home is pretty well established.

I've been reading the official logs and without knowing the ingredients, I can confidently say I've used similar (though less comprehensive) products in the past, 2 in particular that it seems like this may combine (and then some), and the opportunity would be one that I'd not only be excited about but prepared to undertake. My diet and training are on point, give me this tool to squeeze the last few percent that is possible!

12-20-09, 1:26 pm
Ill try anything Universal sends my way! Didnt care for the tast of torrent and currently not taking a recovery mix,,sure could use it.

how can you say that...torrent tastes great..have you tried all the flavors? sorry big advocate for torrent....although im pretty sure z wont replace your pwo drink

12-20-09, 1:27 pm
Agreed...I wasn't big on the Cherry myself, though many like it, but Sour Citrus Rush is my favorite powdered supplement out of any I've used, which is amazing because I usually prefer chocolate flavored things.

12-20-09, 1:32 pm
Agreed...I wasn't big on the Cherry myself, though many like it, but Sour Citrus Rush is my favorite powdered supplement out of any I've used, which is amazing because I usually prefer chocolate flavored things.

well that makes sense...i actually like cherry but glad you found a flavor that you like...its a great product.

12-20-09, 5:47 pm
Only two days left before they decide who the testers will be. I can't believe this thread is only on page 12. I would have thought it would be at least double by now.

12-20-09, 6:32 pm
Agreed...I wasn't big on the Cherry myself, though many like it, but Sour Citrus Rush is my favorite powdered supplement out of any I've used, which is amazing because I usually prefer chocolate flavored things.

Thats funny Im just sippin on some cherry blast post workout. Cherry blast is my favorite tasting supplement thus far. I get mad cravings for it and I always look forward to having it pwo. I have never tried Citrus Rush, I guess Im just a creature of habit and always like to stick to the same thing however I'll have to give the citrus a try sometime.

12-20-09, 7:00 pm
wishing all the entries luck as the deadline draws near bros! Cant wait to see who gets in on this!

12-20-09, 9:02 pm
wishing all the entries luck as the deadline draws near bros! Cant wait to see who gets in on this!


12-20-09, 9:28 pm
Good luck all... Have a wonderful holiday!

12-20-09, 10:06 pm
Thats funny Im just sippin on some cherry blast post workout. Cherry blast is my favorite tasting supplement thus far. I get mad cravings for it and I always look forward to having it pwo. I have never tried Citrus Rush, I guess Im just a creature of habit and always like to stick to the same thing however I'll have to give the citrus a try sometime.

im loving the cherry blast....whenever i switch to citrus rush or the green apple avalanche...i always come back to the cherry.

12-20-09, 10:08 pm
im loving the cherry blast....whenever i switch to citrus rush or the green apple avalanche...i always come back to the cherry.


Cherry Berry Blast is my absolute favorite.


12-21-09, 12:42 am
Muscle is built outside of the gym - not while you're putting up weight. People don't understand this, people overlook recovery.
There are so many ways to look at how to properly "recover" from a training session, knowing how your body works to each of those is key to getting you farther in your path to whatever you are trying to do.
Recovery is probably the single most important thing when building muscle, considering everything it includes.

I put myself through balls to the wall training and I'm not always able to get everything I need to recover.

12-21-09, 3:28 am
Deadline is coming up soon, get those apps in fellas

12-21-09, 6:00 am
I woke up at 4h35 today because I'm doing chest and triceps and I got to go to a gym that's further away from the one I usually got to, because its the one with the heaviest db's nearby. I also have to go there early, beacause if I dont, there will be a bunch of people hogging the benches ,since monday is a chest day for most people. When I wake up early, I need to take advantage of every minute I sleep. Thats why I need quality sleep. I hope Project Z will help me with that.

12-21-09, 10:34 am
Tomorrow in going to be somebodys Christmas come early...

Who will it be?

12-21-09, 10:36 am
Get your entries in ASAP fellas. Last day before we pick the winners at 12pm tomorrow.

12-21-09, 10:43 am
Tomorrow in going to be somebodys Christmas come early...

Who will it be?

hope its me....but seriously whoever gets this opportunity are some lucky animals.

Little Z
12-21-09, 11:09 am
Get your entries in fellas.. gonna be a big day tomorrow.. good luck to all..

12-21-09, 11:44 am
Winners get picked tomorrow, just sayin ;)

12-21-09, 11:59 am
Winners get picked tomorrow, just sayin ;)
i know its so exciting haha

12-21-09, 2:15 pm
The countdown is on! Cant wait to find out who gets picked tomorrow... Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays!!!

12-21-09, 2:19 pm
Tomorrow is my leg day. Lg day is the hardest day of the week. Especially right now, since I'm doing HIT training, and the intensity is simply insane. There are no muscles that need more recovery then legs. To get stronger and bigger, you must first recover. I hope ''Project Z'' will help me recover faster, so I can get bigger and stonger quicker.

12-21-09, 2:56 pm
quick bump for all the canadians out there, we dont always get a chance to test anything so get your entries in canadian bro's!

12-21-09, 4:14 pm
...simple, I bust my ass in the gym for every inch that I put on. I never had the genetics for mass and I need something new to try to aid in recovery. You can drain and destroy your body as much as you want but it all comes down to vital recovery time to build it back up. Perhaps this new product will take away from the "overtraining" notion and that is something I want to try out and share with others.

12-21-09, 10:11 pm
What the fuck is the point of training without the recovery needed to make any quality gains?! There is nothing worse than wasting hours in the gym to let it all go to shit because you were retarded and didn't know the importance of proper recovery. It is the key to all muscle growth and development. Gains don't come in the gym, they come in the recovery phase where all of those muscle fibers you tore the shit out of training repair and grow. Increased recovery = increased gains from your nut busting balls to the wall training sessions. Any bodybuilder with half a brain should know recovery is key!

Joseph V
12-21-09, 10:44 pm
im very basic and simple when it comes to explaining things because i tend to confuse ppl and myself lol..

Recovery is the bread and butter to bodybuilding, besides the pump. Without recovery , you cant workout, plain and simple.

Joseph V
12-21-09, 10:46 pm
also...with superior recovery theres virtually no limit to how much you can grow or get stronger

12-22-09, 6:09 am
Today is leg day. I woke up at 5h15, ate my oatmeal and my eggs, and now I'm leaving for the gym very soon. Chances are I'm gonna puke and I'll have to eat an other breakfast after my post workout shake. But its all worth it, because thats what it takes to grow. Intense workouts, food, and sleep is the recipe for growth. I can manage the two fisrt by myself, but I hope ''Project Z'' will allow me to have a perfect night sleep every night and recover faster, in order to keep me growing bigger and stronger.

12-22-09, 8:00 am
well today is the day fellas, a once in a many moon chance to be the first animals to try project z before it becomes avail. to all, good luck to everyone who entered, congrats to all who win, and thanks to animal for such a cool opportunity.

12-22-09, 8:01 am
well today is the day fellas, a once in a many moon chance to be the first animals to try project z before it becomes avail. to all, good luck to everyone who entered, congrats to all who win, and thanks to animal for such a cool opportunity.

agreed 100%!!!

12-22-09, 10:01 am
Good luck everyone. Can't stand the excitement.

12-22-09, 10:33 am
today is the day wooooooooo