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Naturally Huge
12-23-09, 2:48 pm
Brothers, I'm honored to have been selected as an Alpha Tester for Project Z. A little about myself first.
I'm a 35 year-old NGA natural bodybuilder in Utah. I have a wife and three kids and work full-time on 12-hour rotating shifts (night shifts are a bitch!) as a deputy sheriff, so my life can pretty hectic at times--planning is essential.
I train on a 4-day split: Mon-chest/triceps, Tues-back/biceps, Thurs-delts/traps, Sat-legs. I also do cardio 2-3 days per week for 30 minutes on my non-training days.
My diet consists of 3-4 whole-food meals and 3 shakes per day, which is about 4,000-4,500 calories. I throw in a few calorie-dense cheat meal throughout the week.
My supplement program is pretty basic and no nonsense: Animal Pak, Animal Pump/Shock Therapy, Intra-Aid, extra minerals, D3 and C, whey, casein, and Udo's Oil.
I'm currently in off-season mode and sittin' around 220 pounds and lookin' to get thicker before I start cutting in May for the NGA Northern States and a shot at a pro card.
I'm looking forward to taking Project Z and evaluating it's effect on recuperation.

12-23-09, 2:50 pm
very cool NH, cant wait to see what you think....im in.

12-30-09, 10:31 pm
NH, I'm along for the ride as well! Hopefully I'll be getting my can of Z tomorrow. Can't wait to see what you think!

12-31-09, 8:19 am
looking forward to seeing what your thoughts are on Z...

Naturally Huge
01-01-10, 1:07 am
Still waiting for my can.

Naturally Huge
01-05-10, 6:25 pm
My can just arrived this afternoon and will begin taking Project Z tonight before bed. This is good timing--I just got off of a week of 12-hour night shifts and will have the next three weeks to get normal sleep at night. More to come......

Naturally Huge
01-08-10, 3:33 pm
I've taken three packs so far and am just starting to notice the benefits of this product. Can't go into a whole lot of detail, but what I have notice so far is that by taking it before bed I've slept deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed and in a better mood. I pounded shoulders and biceps yesterday with rest-pauses, supersets, and drop sets and am feeling only mild soreness. I'm training quads and calves tomorrow and I get pretty sore after quads, so we'll see how well Project Z helps--I really like to being able to get off the toilet under my own power after taking a shit.

Naturally Huge
01-09-10, 2:51 pm
Had to wake up this morning at 4:45 after only 5 1/2 hours of sleep for my first of four 12-hour day shifts. I usually am not completely adjusted from the night shifts that end on Tuesday morning, but this morning I felt rested and have had good energy and mood so far. I'm surprised at how fast Project Z has taken effect.

Naturally Huge
01-12-10, 9:08 am
Hit quads and calves on 1/9 hard and heavy, blood and guts style. The soreness in my legs peaks two days after, but this time they are stiff and only mildly sore.
I've averaged about 5-6 hours of sleep per night over the past few days, but it's been deep, restful sleep. My mood during the day seems improved despite the fact that I deal with needy scrotes all day at the jail.

01-12-10, 9:11 am
looks like z is treating ya well man, soreness being down and a deep sleep are good stuff.

Naturally Huge
01-13-10, 11:50 am
After an extremely busy day at work, I managed to train back and hams last night (315x10 on stiff-leg deads). Despite being on my feet all day and I felt strong and focused (Animal Pump I'm sure). Over the past few days, my muscles have been feeling very full and it seems I get a pump during training much quicker and more noticeable. Slept like a baby last night and got some much needed rest.

01-13-10, 12:18 pm
i notice the same thing, as far as my muscles feeling fuller and harder than before, im loving it so far.

Naturally Huge
01-14-10, 12:58 am
i notice the same thing, as far as my muscles feeling fuller and harder than before, im loving it so far.

I had constant veins in my arms today even though it was an off day, just cardio.

Naturally Huge
01-18-10, 5:46 pm
Still pluggin' away during my bulk cycle. I'm nearing the end of my monthly seven days off of work so I've been able to get some pretty good, consistent sleep since last Tuesday night. Hit quads and calves on Saturday and went pretty heavy. Threw in some front squats on the Smith Machine and feel sore from them, but not as bad as I expected--I can still get off the toilet by myself.
Been on Project Z so far for about two weeks and notice the following: 1) more restful nights, even when having to get up early for work, 2) muscles feel fuller and it feels like I have a constant pump, 3) less severe soreness, especially in my legs, and 4) more stable mood throughout the day and on days where I get just 5-6 hours of sleep.

Naturally Huge
01-27-10, 9:12 pm
Still going strong with Z. Been on it three weeks now and am loving it. I started my week of night shifts last night. Popped in a pack of Z and before bed this morning. I usually don't sleep too good after my first night shift, but today I slept a solid 4.5 hours and actually woke up feeling refreshed and not groggy like most of the time working these shifts. This is the last week and am planning on adding this to my regular supplement arsenal when it becomes available for sale.

Naturally Huge
01-28-10, 11:55 pm
Got off work at 6 am and got to bed at 7. Slept a solid 6 hours without waking up--that's good for me. Woke up feeling refreshed and ready to hit the gym.