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G Diesel
04-14-10, 1:22 pm
Attention ABC Coordinators, ABC Members and the entire extended Animal Nation,

2010 finds the Animal Barbell Club on a roll. Following a massive turnout for the biggest ever ABC event during Arnold Classic weekend with more than 200 Animal loyalists descending upon Columbus, Ohio’s Metro Fitness, the bar has no doubt been set high for the coming year.

Reacting in style, locally we held a big event at Fit Gym in Philadelphia--a new gym that is no doubt an old school throwback to an earlier era. Located in a tough Philly neighborhood, Danny and his Fit Gym crew train hard and do it right, with a perfectly equipped facility and an intense ambiance that demands all out effort. Many familiar faces were in the house for this one and luckily Juggernaut was there to capture it all. You can check out the pics here: http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=30494

March and April displayed a packed calendar of ABC events in the “24/7/365” section with four in March including Orlando and Kansas City and a banger of a hardcore strongman session at Higa Monster’s freak factory of a warehouse in Seattle. April boasts 10 events with Forwards Operations Base (FOB) Salerno in Afghanistan leading off followed by ABC stalwart chapters like Southern Indiana, Central Texas, Chicago, Colorado, North Carolina, Miami, Columbus (again) and Ontario.

In my neck of the woods, my big little brother Enforcer will be hosting an ABC at his hardcore home gym—World Gym in Dunellen, NJ. This will be our second Animal Barbell Club event at this location, but our first since the summer of 2008. This gym and its patrons and ownership represent all that is right with the lifestyle and we’re hoping all within driving distance will come out to show some support for the Animal Barbell Club movement as we continue to show some love for the precious few real deal East Coast gyms. This event will be held on Saturday, April 24th at 1pm. To add your name to the roll call, check out the big Jersey Animals thread here: http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=11549&page=163

Speaking of hardcore training bastions, internationally, we’re taking our show on the road to the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham, England, the home of a certain six time Mr. O. As such, we absolutely had to schedule a special UK ABC event at perhaps the most revered training dungeon on the planet, Temple Gym. I’ll be there as will my cohorts Vinny G and Wrath on Friday night, May 21st at 7pm. For more info and to throw your hat in the ring, check out the thread here: http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=30824

Speaking of my cohorts, henchmen and brethren, here’s my recently dieting co-chair treetrunklegs with some jewels of wisdom…

“As summer starts shaping up, the ABCs come back in full bloom. 10 ABCs in the month of April alone, spanning from West to East, North to South and to Military Bases on the other side of the lake. It makes me proud to know so many people love to train with the same mentality I do, even being so far away. I look forward to an eventful summer of many new ABCs as well as exploring different ideas to make them better. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to advance the ABC movement. If you have any thoughts at all, shoot them our way. Thanks fellas.”

To our many brothers out there on the grind training hard, we salute you and your undying devotion to our beloved sport and to the Animal brand.

Go hard.

Peace, G Diesel

Wanna Be a Part of the Animal Barbell Club?

It’s easy. Find an event in your area, show up wearing your favorite Animal shirt and be ready to train, hard. If you can’t find a chapter close to you, find an interested gym, some motivated brothers and represent--take the initiative and step right up to start your own chapter by posting your details right here in a new thread on The Board http://forum.animalpak.com/forumdisplay.php?f=71 For a complete and current list of ABC chapters, click this link http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=13075

Mr. Dead
04-14-10, 1:23 pm
Great stuff, there, G!!!

04-14-10, 2:17 pm
Nice man. Good info!!!

04-14-10, 3:27 pm
Awesome write up and great quote TTL

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Good stuff! Another solid write-up G, and a great quote from TTL.

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great stuff going on in here...