View Full Version : The CAGE Event: Road to The Olympia

The House
09-08-10, 8:20 pm
Just wanted to say thanks for following my road to the olympia. It has been a great road where i have learned many things. come to the cage saturday at high noon to talk about my journey and share with me the light at the end of this road because this is where the road was leading me and we all will be their.. thanks guy for all the support. o i will be the guy with all the pro tan on and the one rocking the mohawk yeah buddy.. lets see where the next road will go.. saturday will be after the pre judging and before the finals so i will have my game face on. i cant wait to talk shop and see everyone. i say everyone should rock a mohawk with me and we should all take a group picture of the animals with mohawks, after the seminar.. anybody game come on guys it would be fun...

09-09-10, 3:51 am
Bro, you have more stones than I can imagine being willing to do this between prejudging and the finals!

I won't miss it!

09-09-10, 4:25 am
HUGE props to you, bro, for being able to do something this incredible!

I'm looking forward to shooting the shit and hanging with you at the CAGE....

09-09-10, 11:13 pm
I can't make it to see you at the O, but I will rock a mohawk to show my support

09-10-10, 10:12 am
This is a cool opportunity to hear directly from a guy mixing it up at the Superbowl of bodybuilding. I can't wait to hear what it's like being a part of history.