View Full Version : Hat's off to G Diesel, NG, and Rage

Vinny G
09-26-10, 6:59 pm
What a great experience i had on the first ever Animal Road Trip.

First, a big shout out to RAGE for hauling our asses from ABC to ABC from San Diego up to the L.A. area and even some store promo's along the way.

G Diesel and NG for not only a smooth organized ride from stop to stop, but also just being very organized with the workings of the CAGE.

If it were not for these guy's with their dedication to the ANIMAL lifestyle, none of this would have went down as it did.

thanks brothers....had a great time.

09-26-10, 8:37 pm
Great Job Fella's

Mr. Dead
09-26-10, 8:40 pm
Great Job Fella's


09-26-10, 11:02 pm
Congrats to the entire Universal/Animal team for pulling this off.

By all accounts, it looks like it was a success.

09-26-10, 11:35 pm
Great job to all of you.. and thanks for posting the UTube videos to let the rest of us follow along. I was checking in on the hour.. LOL

09-26-10, 11:44 pm
[QUOTE I was checking in on the hour.. LOL[/QUOTE]

As did I. Great job guys.

Bard of Rage
09-27-10, 12:04 am

X3, it was definitely worth coming out to meet everyone and lift with the House. Animal did an outstanding job in the Cage in my humble opinion.