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11-10-10, 3:22 pm
Starting AO tomorrow with Back, Traps & Rear Delts. I'm currently cutting, getting primed and ready to bulk in the IronContest IV starting in January. Diet and training are on point following Rage's IC II diet/split. Let's see how much damage AO can do to finish up a cut!

11-10-10, 4:02 pm
Nice Crims. Let's see how it goes for you.

11-11-10, 1:58 pm
Breakfast, Pak, and 2 NSC.
-45mins later I threw down 8 AO capsules
-20mins later workout begins
-There was no after taste or burp that I noticed at all. The capsules go down just as easy as the red pills in Pump. About 15mins into workout, I started to feel AO kick in. There was no stomach discomfort at all. I started to sweat a little more than usual, and didn't stop the entire workout. The drive to push through each set was intense. It was more of a drive/boost in the ability to focus and push through than it was pure energy. I'm going to use the same dosage tomorrow and see how day2 goes!

Back, Traps & Rear Delts:
Bent over rows 3 x 15
Close grip pull-ups 3 x failure
Straight arm pull-downs 2 x 15
Standing dumbbell shrugs 3 x 50
Reverse flyes 3 x 15

11-11-10, 5:01 pm
Good work Crims. Day 1 looks pretty solid.

11-12-10, 11:47 pm
AO 30mins PreWO -8Capsules

Seated dumbbell press 3 x 15
Standing dumbbell front laterals 2x 15
Dumbbell Seated side laterals 3x 15
Tricep Ext. Machine 2x 8+6 HRT
Dumbbell kick backs 2x 8+6 HRT
Cable press downs 1 x failure (burnout)

Day2 had to be kept at 45mins. The intensity/focus was higher than I've had in a long time, as I'm cutting and energy's been down from lack of carbs. I was able to push through the WO and get it done in exactly 45mins. I was feeling good enough that I threw in 2sets of HRT. So far I'm really liking AO. The focus and drive is there, though I wouldn't mind a little more energy kick. Next weeks workouts I will try dosing at 10pills, and perhaps the week after a mixture of pump and AO. Now for some recovery/cardio this weekend.

11-15-10, 9:12 pm
The beginning of a new week, I decided to dose the AO capsules at 10 today, about 30mins preWO.
10 seemed to be the magic number, my energy and focus were through the roof. Dosing with 10 seemed to retain the focus I've gotten from the first two doses, and the perfect boost to energy to keep me sweating and going strong all the way through. Today was chest/bi's:
decline barbell press 3 x 12
Flat dumbbell press 3 x 12
Body weight dips 2 x failure +4negs
Cambered bar reverse curls 3 x 15
Double arm dumbbell curls 2 x 15
Double arm cable curls 2 x failure
and Annihilated forearms with more intensity than ever.

Again, no adverse side effects yet. Tomorrow is legs, and I plan to use the 10 pill dosage again to see how far I can push myself... I have to say, for the first time of being on this cut... I can't wait for legs tomorrow.

11-17-10, 4:12 pm
Coming down with a cold is no fun. Luckily, AO kept me motivated through the day to hit the gym still in the evening. After dosing with 10 pills again, 30mins Pre, I packed up and hit the gym. Once AO started to kick in, about 45mins after taking, I was ready to roll.

Focus and energy were just as good as day3. I was able to keep enough intensity to have a slight sweat the entire workout, despite of the cold. Comparing AO to pump is hard still after only 4days, as pump is a solid product in and of its own. After a couple more WO's I think I'll be able to scrutinize the product and it's effects thoroughly.

11-17-10, 4:15 pm
do u feel like the 30 mins pre workout is a good time to take it...i have heard 30 i have head 45...just curious as i am waiting to get mine...want to make sure i am taking it at the proper time to feel its effects.

11-19-10, 12:19 am
do u feel like the 30 mins pre workout is a good time to take it...i have heard 30 i have head 45...just curious as i am waiting to get mine...want to make sure i am taking it at the proper time to feel its effects.

For me, it does take about 45mins after taking the capsules before I really feel it going, and usually I absorb things very fast. I would probably dose your first at 30mins pre, and then base your decision on whether to take earlier if you don't feel it kicking in around the first couple sets.

Back, Traps, and Rear delts today, still under the weather, but kicked through it with 10 AO caps! So far, 10 seems to be good, but I really wouldn't consider dosing any lower for myself as a main preWO sup. Tomorrow I will do 10 AO caps w/pump minus the stim pill and see how that goes. Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow feeling better.

11-21-10, 12:40 am
10 AO capsules with pump minus the stim pill was a pretty solid combination. Great workout focus and intensity as noted every workout with AO.

So far, in terms of any modifications, I would consider making each individual capsule more potent, so the serving size may possibly be less. I don't mind downing 10+pills, it's just with that many you would assume it would have a very, very strong effect. But on the other hand, everyone's body is different, and taking the serving size of 7 in the current form, may give someone else the effect I get at 10.

11-22-10, 9:26 pm
I decided to try opening the capsules and mixing the contents w/water this time as I've seen a few others try. Definitely hits the system faster, and seemed to work better. Taste wise, this isn't ideal, but the absorption doesn't seem to be allowing full effects in the pill form. I'll definitely try the next serving the same way to compare.

11-25-10, 12:31 am
I went ahead and took the pills in pill form today as I figured that's the way they intended them to be, and I want to give as accurate of feedback as possible.

A quick summary to this point:
AO does wonders for intensity and focus in the gym, no question about it. It wouldn't hurt if the pills were digested faster, but once the effects kick in, they stay strong through an entire workout. Every dosing results in a consistent sweat, which in my opinion is good. It definitely keeps you going. There is never any after taste or after burp, and never and discomfort with the digestion. I personally find myself having to dose a little higher than the serving size, taking 10 at a time instead of the 7. So far, overall a solid product. More evaluation to come.

11-30-10, 12:41 am
Short holiday break is over. Back to work.


Deads: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps
Chins: 6 Sets (to failure)
Bent Rows: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps
Dumbbell Pullovers: 4 Sets x 12 Reps
Back Extensions: 4 Sets x 12 Reps

11AO pills 30mins preWO. Amazing workout today, the drive, energy and focus was on point. One thing to note, about 3/4 the way through, my face felt very flushed, which hadn't happened yet, but it was a good feeling. A very solid workout after a short break. AO got the job done and then some.

11-30-10, 9:00 pm

Seated Bar Overhead Presses: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps
Side Raises Dumbbells: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps
Rear Delts Dumbbells: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps
Front Raises Bar: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps SS Upright Rows Bar: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps
Trap Bar shrugs: 4sets x 8 Reps

7AO pills + Pump minus stim 40Mins Pre.
Great workout, I love the combo of AO and pump. I felt like I still had more in me at the end, ..but I knew it was time to stop, AO kept the intensity high from beginning to end. No crashing yet from AO, which is great.

12-02-10, 3:48 pm
My last 8 pills of AO. I hit chest today:

Incline Barbell Presses: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps
Incline Dumbbell Flyes: 3 Sets x 8 Reps
Incline Cable Flyes: 3 Sets x 12 Reps
Flat Dumbbell Presses: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps
Dips: 4 Sets (bodyweight, to failure)
Cable Crossovers: 4 Sets x 6-12 Reps
+10mins of abs.

Best chest workout I've had in a long time, I had a great pump going and didn't want to stop. AO got the job done. I dosed 8AO capsules with Pump minus the stim. I love this combo and I'm going to miss AO until it's released for purchase. The biggest thing I've noticed with AO is that I have the intensity to push through my last set as if it were my first. AO is a solid product that could use a few tweaks, but will bring something to the table that definitely wasn't there before. A full on review/evaluation to follow.