View Full Version : Agent O and dannynb The Sequel...

11-10-10, 3:55 pm
Well round 2 waiting to begin....

11-10-10, 4:00 pm
Awesome Danny. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.

11-10-10, 7:18 pm
Thanks J for the chance....

11-11-10, 5:32 pm
Thanks J for the chance....

I'm definitely anxious to hear your thoughts on the newly tweaked flavor for Agent O.

11-11-10, 9:11 pm
Well just got it in today...plan on hitting up chest later. Got a sample pack of the powder and the sample of pills. Plan on doing the powder first than move on to the pills. Stay tuned for my .02 on the new tweaked formula.

11-11-10, 9:16 pm
Hey J, on the capsules, can we break them open and take them way or do I need to take them in capsule form. I usually break open my capsules but to keep the testing even I can take them pill form if need be.

11-13-10, 3:30 pm
Well.....my first helping on round 2.

Taste, just a tad sweeter than the first batch, but still have that orange peel flavor to it. Not a complaint, just an observation. Opening the container the aroma reminds me of Tang.

All I can say, is it still works....the energy in the gym was there just like the first round, actually was able to do 2 more exercises for chest just because I felt like I had so much more left in me. Focus was there, and I have that mental sharpness I felt in the first batch. Not a buzz or edgy feeling, just a wide awake sense. So far so good on this batch J!

11-13-10, 3:33 pm
Sounds great Danny....subbed for the madness bro!

11-13-10, 3:37 pm
Sounds great Danny....subbed for the madness bro!

Sounds good bro! I just can't wait to start really hitting the weights.....waiting for Rage to give me the green light on bulking and than the numbers can go up.

11-14-10, 12:35 am
Seems your liking your the new and improved powder. I'm curious as to how the pills treat you.

How long after your last meal are you taking your dose? How early before your workout?

11-14-10, 1:13 am
Seems your liking your the new and improved powder. I'm curious as to how the pills treat you.

How long after your last meal are you taking your dose? How early before your workout?

Haven't messed with the pills yet. I'm gonna polish off the powder first.

I usually wait at least 20-30 minutes after my last meal before taking it and generally about 10 minutes before I walk out the door to go to the gym, so about 20-30 minutes after my last meal and 10 minutes before I hit the weights. That way it's kicking in as I'm warming up.

11-16-10, 2:26 pm
Killed shoulders today....same thing with the new powder, flavor is good, still with a hint of orange peel, again not a bad thing. Energy was there but this time no drastic sweating or rush. Just a steady flow of energy that kept me going with all my lifts. Focus was spot on, really hitting that mind muscle connection now.....I do like this stuff.

11-17-10, 8:45 pm
1 scoop Agent O mixed with 5 grams creatine and a scoop of Storm with about 6oz of water. Downed it and out the door I went. Had back tonight and it was a killer workout.

I haven't dead lifted in about 7 months, and tonight I hit 405 for 8 solid reps...not to shabby, thank you Agent O.

Deads, 3xwarm-up, 4x10, 405x8
Pull-ups 6xfailure
Bent over rows 3x12
DB Pullovers 3x10
Back Ext 3x10

After this I felt torn up and about to pass out, rest was only 45 sec between sets. All in all a solid workout, Agent O came through with flying colors again.

11-19-10, 5:40 pm
Last day of the powder.....

Killed legs, really hit some good numbers, 405x10 solid ass to the ground reps. About wanted to puke when finished....still got me through leg curls, hack squats, standing leg curls and leg ext.....been mixing it with Storm and have to say, not to shabby. Next week I will start the pills.

11-23-10, 12:27 am
Started the capsules today...not much to report....felt a pop in my right hamstring while doing leg curls. Just a strain I believe, been icing it all day. Will see how it feels in a few days.

11-24-10, 10:44 am
Day 2 Capsules yesterday.....quite potent compared to the powder. Was sweating buckets and energy was insane. Focus was like I was locked in on my chest like no other.

7 Capsules Agent O
5g creatine
5g glutamine
1 scoop Storm


Flat Bench Press 2x20, 4x10
Incline Press 3x10
Incline Flyes 3x10
Around The World 3x10
Cable Crossovers 3x10
Incline Hammer Press 3xfailure.

12-02-10, 4:07 pm

Hamstring still stiff and slightly sore so I went easy on legs.

Squats 2x20, 3x10
Leg Press 3x10
Hack Squats 3x10
Leg Ext 3x12
Seated Leg Curls 3x10 (very light very strict and slow)
Seated Calve Raises 3x15
Donkey Raises 3x15
Standing Calve Raises 3x15

Flat Bench Press 3x20, 3x10
Incline Press 3x10
Hammer Strength Incline Press 3x10
Pec Deck 3x10
Cable Cross Overs 3x10
Smith Machine Incline Press 3x10

Agent O....7 caps before those two workouts and man I was set. Energy, focus and the sweat....good God man the sweat. I love this stuff!!!!!!!!