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11-13-10, 2:00 pm
I haven't received the package yet but I'm sure it will be here soon.

As many of you know, I'm running the 5/3/1 and just into my first round of it. I am on my 3rd week, 5/3/1 for reps, and the deload week is coming up.

I can't wait to see how it helps and what I notice for differences.


11-13-10, 3:31 pm
Hell yah J....gotta love 531...haven't got mine yet either...maybe Monday...tear it up man.

11-16-10, 11:24 am
I got my box of agent O yesterday and am anxiously awating tomorrow morning bench to give it a shot. I'll be back on in the morning to let everyone know how it's working.


Mr. Dead
11-16-10, 12:39 pm
Lookin' forward to seeing how this goes!!!

11-16-10, 6:53 pm
I'm in too....

Looking forward to seeing how things go.

11-17-10, 2:00 pm
So today I had my Chest day and I'm also carrying around a sinus infection. Not a great combination but I went ahead anyway.

As G profetically states from time to time, don't drink the cool aid, I only read through a few of the first Agent O reviews because I do not tend to take other peoples word on how a sup works. I put more stock into the science behind a product and how the ingredients work in the body. 90% of the time I agree with the consensus of the forum after trying it for my self but I wanted to stay out of the loop on this one until I could do that just that.

I downed the 7 caps about 30 minutes before I pressed my first weight. I noticed a bit of the same prickly effect that I get from downing 3 caps of Betala9. I did not notice any of the stim rush that I feel when using something like pump or Shock therapy but I did have a good steady stream of energy through out the workout. Remember also that I am fighting a terrible head cold and have been drained of energy for a couple of days.

The workout went like this
185 x 5, 210 x 3, 235 x 6
DB Bench 75lbs x 5 sets of 15
DB Rows 85lbs x 5 sets of 10

I hope the antibiotics will knock this infection out and I can get a better idea of how the Agent O works. Today I can say that I felt I could have kept going and that has to be attributed to the O because last night I thought I was dying.


11-19-10, 11:19 am
Today the sinus infection has subsided a little and left me with a little more energy than Wednesday.

I took the O 30 minutes before I left for the gym again and felt the tingly burning in my face and ears again. Before taking Agent O I have a pre workout mix I use, NOX3, Betala9, N1-T, and Stack. I get the same kind of kick from the O as I do from my other stack but it's a gradual,sustained raise in energy.

260 x 5, 295 x 3, 330 x 4

Accesory Work
Hip Sled
5pps x 3 sets of 15
Leg Curls
2 sets of 100 x 10
3 sets of 110 x 10

Had good energy through the morning and I've also noticed that, because of what I believe to be betala9 in the mix, I have not had alot of over powering soreness either. I'm off until Monday and should be in much better health shape to get a more accurate feeling of how Agent O is working.


11-23-10, 12:14 pm
Thisweek is the end of the first cycle and I have a deload week.

Today I took the O 15 minutes before I had to leave because I woke up late. Now that I'm feeling better I can def tell that there is a heightened drive but not an immediate rush, which is great. I feel energized to get the training done and plenty of focus on the work for the day.

This weeks training is the deload so I won't list out the weights. Next week starts week 2 with some heavier weights.


11-29-10, 3:43 pm
Today is the start of Cycle 2 on the 5/3/1. I took Agent O 15 minutes before leaving today and got right into the lifting when i got to the gym. The effect of my face and ears burning did not happen as bad today as it did last week. Not sure what's going on there but the workout was good.

Military Press
100 x 5
115 x 5
130 x 12

Accerory Work
5 sets of 10
5 sets of 15 w/ 45lbs


11-30-10, 6:14 pm
Today I took the O about 45 minutes before I showed up to the gym. I could feel it starting to really kick in on my way to the gym so maybe 45 minutes + is a good pre workout timetable.

Deads (Working Sets)
220 x 5, 255 x 5, 290 x 11

Accesory Work
Good Mornings
95 x 12 x 1 set
115 x 12 x 4 sets
Hanging Leg Raises
5 sets x 15 reps

I was gased at the end of this one. 290 x 11 no straps was pretty cool. Cant wait to see how the 5/3/1 week goes.


12-03-10, 10:35 am
The last 2 days on the O were very good. I tried to keep the 30-45 min pre workout time to take the 7 pills and they seemed to kick in at just about the right time. I read through a few reviews to see if anyone else was having some of the same effects as I have been and it all seems fairly consistent.

I have not been taking my regular Betala9 and just relying on the O and soreness has been minimal. I still do not get the rush of energy that others have been experencing but I do not lack for energy to get me through the workouts.

Here's a break down of the last 2 days.

Bench Press
165x5, 190x5, 215 x 15

230x5, 265x5, 305 x 10

12-06-10, 11:27 am
Today starts back on a diet. Since my show in Oct I have been off the rails and not much of an appetite. I need to start to grow so today I'm going to work on 5 meals. I have a shake redy to go incase I need to get in some extra calories.

Took the O 35 minutes before heading out the door and today it kicked in full effect. I took it at 4:30 and then ate 3oz steat and 1/4 oatmeal. Drank about 10ox totak of water before i got to the gym. Once I got there I was on fire and my face and ears were totally flush.

Had good energy all through the workout. I started to drink Shock Therapy about 15 minutes after getting to the gym, almost 1 hr after taking the 7 pills.

Todays working sets
Military Press
105x5, 125x5, 140x10
(Today was supposed to be week 2 and reps shold have been at 3. Guess the O fired me up to much to actually read my cheat sheet)
Accesory work
Pullups 5 x 10
5 x 15 w/ 45lb plate.

I also knocked out 3 sets of calf presses on the leg press. 2 sets of single leg, 4 plate drops to failure, and 1 set of both legs 4 plate drop to filure.

Next week I think I'll add another 25 to the dips and see if I can get all the reps.


12-07-10, 11:11 am
Took the O about 20-30 minutes before heading out the door. I did not get any of the usual flush face today. I took it with very little water this morning but did down about 15-20 oz of chocolate protein shake. I'm not sure what the perfect combo is to really feel the effects but I still seemed to have pretty good energy.

Deadlift (Working Sets Only)
235x3, 270x3, 305x9

Accerory work
Good Mornings
5 sets 95lbs x 12reps (I stayed with 95 because of the stress on my back from the 9 @ 305)
Hanging Leg Raises
5 sets of 15

Good training day and I'm happy with the way Agent O staves off the soreness. I've heard that the powder got into your system faster and I think I would have liked that better than the pills but I only have the pills to go off of. I'm pretty happy with how the Agent O has been working so far.


12-10-10, 6:01 pm
12/09 Bench
3x175, 3x200, 10x230
I took it kind of quick in the morning and drank alot of water with the pills. I was burning up like crazy by the time I hit 30 minutes post Agent O
Workout was good and I even bumped up 10lbs on the DB presses.

12/10 Squats
3x250, 3x285, 12x320
I felt really strong today. I used knee wraps because of the weight and #'s that i was planning on hitting. I did each rep strick and hit the bottom before powering bck up.

I drank the O again with alot of water and felt another good burn at about 30-40 minutes post supplementation.

That's all folks I'm out of Agent O. As I said before I haven't read alot about it and wanted to be kept in the dark so I could truly feel the effects when i got a chance to run it. As a Bala9 product I felt like it worked great. I use bala9 every workout and this stuff was a bit more stronger than the 3 caps I take daily. Very little soreness.

As a pre workout booster I can't really say I felt anything there. Maybe a 10-20% increase in energy but not much more than that. If I take a Kwik Energy it hits me at about 30 minutes and I'm off the wall but I didn't get any kind of stim effects from this that I could notice.

Overall I liked it and would be very curious to see how the powder compares to the pills.