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04-24-13, 9:56 am
Been on Stak now since Saturday. Wanted to give it a few days before i posted to see effects. So far i've noticed a little strength gains but mostly i'm definitely noticing the recovery effects. It seems i'm way more refreshed the next day and any soreness i have is almost completely gone the next time i train that body part.

Legs Tuesday Morning:
Leg Press: 7 x 8-10 (last 3 sets were 8 pps and was able to hit at least 7 each set)
Hack Press: 6 x 8-10
Leg Extensions: 6 x 8-10
Hamstring Curls: 6 x 8-10
Calf Raises: 5 x 8-10

Tonight is Delts.

04-24-13, 10:33 am
Looks great man...recovery is the name of the game!!

04-25-13, 1:05 pm
I was pretty happy with stak. Are you taking this pre? What other supps? I know this is supposed to help with recovery, which it did, but I got some killer pumps too.

04-25-13, 1:12 pm
In for this!

04-25-13, 1:15 pm
Do you think Stak helped you grow that nasty mustache?

05-07-13, 10:57 am
A couple packs away from finishing the can and i wanted to let it settle into my system. so far i'm definitely noticing the recovery from this. Not only in the morning after but during training. I'm noticing that my breaks between sets are increasingly smaller and smaller like i just want to keep going. This is awesome stuff and very thankful i was giving the opportunity to test this badboy.