View Full Version : my log for the new Stak

05-03-13, 12:25 pm
so after the surprise of getting to test the new Stak (Thanks G), I went home ripped the can open and immediately went to work. My weight change was minimal because the fat I was losing had muscle waiting behind it so no change there. My gains were quite substantial with my squat greatly improving along with my bench (345squat and 255bench). I didnt notice much in the way of recovery because of my job often times my sleep is not what it should be. My libido? well anyone who knows me knows that is always through the roof :)
I was hoping for more in the pump dept. didnt feel that rush I did with the previous formula. Also the way it tapered off wasnt to my liking. it felt like it wanted out of me way to fast.
So all in all it's a good product but i would add a stim to it, just my opinion
Thank you all for the oppotunity to test this and I hope to be a guinea pig again in the future.