View Full Version : My experience with Animal Rage XL Lemon Slayed

12-12-13, 3:30 pm
First off, I would like to thank Animal for running the Rage XL giveaways on Facebook a few weeks ago. I was one of the lucky few who was picked to receive a tub of Lemon Slayed. I was trying to hold out on opening it because I had just opened my tub of Cellucor C4 green apple, so I was hoping to finish that before opening the Lemon Slayed, but that tub of Lemon Slayed was calling me, so I caved. I am glad I gave into temptation, because one scoop of the lemon slayed tasted so good I wanted to do another scoop, but I held my composure. It didn't take long after downing the scoop with about 6 ounces of water to start taking affect. I started tingling all over, but it wasn't that itchy tingle, it was a nice smooth tingle. The energy was a clean type of energy, no jitters or nonrhythmic heart beats(like I've had with some pre-workouts). I was energized throughout my entire workout. Also, I did not crash like I have on other pre-workouts that I have taken in the past.