View Full Version : To get in The CAGE mood... Some vids.

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01-22-16, 9:15 am
A look back.


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01-22-16, 9:17 am

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01-22-16, 9:18 am

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01-22-16, 9:19 am

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01-22-16, 9:20 am

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01-22-16, 9:20 am

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01-22-16, 9:24 am
2013 The CAGE Trailer


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01-22-16, 9:25 am
2014 The CAGE Trailer: "Brotherhood"


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01-22-16, 9:26 am
2015 The CAGE Trailer: "Enter The Cage"


01-22-16, 10:53 am
Love seeing the videos and rehashing the years gone by... Each year it gets bigger and better! Beyond The Cage, the ever growing National ABC on Saturday is always a highlight of the weekend!!

Ahhhhh.... Can't wait to see everyone, everything, all the things!!!

01-25-16, 12:57 pm
I've been watching these videos as I get my cardio done for the past 2 weeks. Motivational and looking fwd to the cage in March.

01-27-16, 8:06 pm
In 2014 when I got to Intern at the cage I got a DVD.. I have probably watched it at least 5 times in the past month.

02-08-16, 11:53 am
The goods!

02-08-16, 12:27 pm
Can't wait for the Cage this year, counting down the days now

02-08-16, 1:16 pm
Last year was my first time, and this year will be my second. Before going, you watched the videos and got an idea of the overall expo and then the intensity of the cage... Boy that "idea" is so much smaller than the actual expectations.

See Y'all in a few weeks.

02-08-16, 5:26 pm
The cinematography, production value, and overall feel of the 2015 "Enter The Cage", was by far the best mini docu-series you guys have done. Just the trailers alone get me pumped up. The crew from last year was awesome and their work is incredible. I hope you guys use them again.

I liked the brotherhood series, because it showed the inherent values that holds true of all that animal is, a Brotherhood.