View Full Version : Help A Beginner Out?

08-27-18, 6:40 pm
Following in depth research online as well as through people I have met, as a girl I havenít got a good idea of where to begin in my journey. I turn to the animals for help! Here is some basic info and my over all goals to help you understand.
Iím 19 years old and around 5í6 maybe 65-70kg. The body type I have I wouldnít class as fat but chunky around the abdomen, legs and upper arms. In my teen years I havenít been very active but currently planning to start. My goal is to improve my stamina, lose some fat, strengthen my upper body mostly along with the rest and shape up by 2020. Iíd love to have a toned and strong/healthy body inside and out by then.
My questions are- do I start off with cardio and lose some weight first to shred the fat? How many times a week should I aim to be at the gym as a beginner and what should my workouts look like? As a person who doesnít particularly eat meat, what should my meals consist of?
Any other advice given would be appreciated! Hoping to get this body in shape in the following year and 4 months!