View Full Version : Diet FAQ #2: Why can't anyone recommend a perfect meal plan?

Animal Rep
05-25-07, 4:44 pm
Cuz such a thing doesn't exist. You're asking for a one-size-fits-all answer, and I'm pretty sure your foot size is not the same as the guy who's next to you. In the same way, whether you're bulking, cutting or maintaining, there is no single, universal diet that will help you achieve your goals. This kind of thinking is shortsighted. Too many variables are involved, including such things as your metabolism, your daily energy expenditure, your training intensity, etc. Others can't know these things. Therefore, you must learn the methods of "trial and error". You must experiment to see what works for you specifically. Each individual responds differently to various stimuli.

06-23-07, 5:34 pm
Once again, the Rep is right. There is no possible way to reccomend the perfect diet. You cut carbs to lose weight, but how many? You raise fat to gain strength, but how much? It's all up to the animal doing it. The mirror is really the only thing that can tell you if you're doing it right. If your gut is getting too big...too many carbs, if you're not getting any bigger, to little carbs. You just have to keep an eye on yourself. There really is no such thing as a specific meal plan that helps everyone.


12-21-07, 10:30 pm
this is a great post that somehow i missed..i gotta agree..what works for say machine or G diesel probebly won't work for someone else..we all different...

01-12-09, 1:57 pm
Amen Brother

The MoFo
01-25-09, 6:25 am
It's all too true. It would be great if there was one diet plan for each weight catagory but there ain't. Same as everything else, I know guys who can do cardio countless times a week and rip up whilst also getting bigger all the time. whereas i must tread carefully doin' more than twice a week coz i lose too much mass. everyone's different which is a pain in the arse but it makes it all the more rewarding in the end coz you had to work so much harder to get there. research and trial and error is the only way.

09-14-10, 7:23 pm
what worked best for me was chicken breast and tuna fish w/ mustard. It sucks when you rip ass because you get that tuna fish smell back but it worked decent but i felt weak as hell but i agree, just like lifting, not one person will react the same way to a diet as another did

Harry the tank Jones
09-30-10, 7:39 pm
There is no such thing what may work for one may not work for another. It takes time amd dedication, hard work, some are looking for some miracle diet to work. Do not be a lazy ass and start working hard to get BIG.

11-24-10, 9:19 am
Main reason not to recommend a perfect meal for anyone is physics ability. Each person has an unique ability and efficiency of the stamina power, digestion power, energy build up and so on. So, it is recommended to concern to the trainer of the gym or a specialist to maintain the health.

12-17-10, 4:50 pm
The only way to know if anything aggravates arthritis is constantly monitor your diet. To do this, keep track of what you eat and what pain you feel. If you start to notice patterns (such as joint pain the day after eating certain foods), you have to try to isolate the cause.

07-01-12, 5:19 pm
theres no such thing as a universal (ha ha no pun intended) diet plan. everybody is different. foods that are common for show preps can be recommended but nothing is going to do the same thing for everybody. I go by david pulcinellas 7 foods that work. Egg whites, oatmeal, tuna, banana, chicken breast, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. That helps me get cut up whether its for fun or for a show