~taking Project C I Have Lost~
-13.5 Inches
I Have Much Better Definition In My Calves And Triceps

(note, I Suffered A Pull Back Muscle, And Was On My Period On Week 2)

Energy- My Energy On Project C Was Amazing! I Felt Much More Alert Than Usual.much More Focused. I Loved That It Did Not Give Me Jitters!!!

Work Outs- I Had Much More Stamina And Made Regular Gains In All Of My Lifts. You Sweat Constantly With C. No Nausea, No Nervous Feeling.

Appetite- C Worked As A Appetite Superssant For Me. I Had To Remind Myself It Was Time To Eat More Times Than Not. Would Be Very Full After Small Amounts Of Food.

Down Side- Often Got Heart Burn After Doses. Left A Slight Burning Sensation In My Throat For Up To 10 Minutes. Went Away With Lots Of Water. Held Much More Water On My Menstrual Cycle.

Overall- I Love The Product And Would Recommend It To Anyone! It Is Far Superior To Any Fat Burner I Have Ever Taken Before.

Thank You Animalpak And Universal For Allowing Me This Opportunity. It Truly Is A Honor..