An update...

Various things, some call it "life" is keeping me busy. Loving my job, hard to call it that, doesn't feel like a job, or work, frankly I struggle to believe that they actually pay me for it at all. Anyhow, a promotion into a senior role & the added responsibilities are proving to be time consuming but rest assured, I'm still hitting it regularly, grinding away.
The recovery is still ongoing, the physique is what I'd call ok.

Will I be getting back on stage? 99% sure that's a yes. Will it be soon? 85% sure that's a yes.

If only for 1 more time, to go out on my own terms. To prove the medical professionals wrong. To have that feeling once more. The scents of the tan, the oil backstage, the feeling of walking out on stage to be scrutinised like few would understand.

One more time.

At least once, anyway....