Agent O Alpha Testing FAQ's:

Will Agent O be the final name for the new Animal product?
No. It's just the temporary code name for the project. This is how we do it for all products we Alpha Test. The final, official product will have a different name.

Do all Alpha Testers participating in the Alpha Testing Program need to keep a log in the FORVM?
Yes, as it's the easiest way to keep track of all your info and stats. Keep this log updated, at least on every other day basis, though more updates is better than less. Here's the section to keep your log here:

What should I keep track of in my ATP log?
Please keep track of the following increases in the following--(1) energy, (2) focus, (3) intensity, (4) performance, (5) fatigue, (6) strength, (7) duration of effects, (8) weight on any exercises, and (8) any personal records if you hit them. Keep notes of these in your log as you begin taking Agent O. Upon completion of the 2 week testing cycle, post your final thoughts, comments and feelings about your experience with Agent O.

Can I use my regular supplements while Alpha Testing?
While on Agent O, keep your supplement variables as constant as possible. For example, if you were using Animal Nitro or another supplement prior to starting Agent O, you may continue to use it during the cycle. Just don't introduce any new supplements or any energy and performance into your protocol during the alpha testing period.

I'm using Animal Pump which has stimulants. What time should I take Pump and what time should I take Agent O?
You could take them together as they're products with different intentions. However, it's important that you remove the red capsule from the Animal Pump pack if you are planning on taking both at the same time, let's say before lifting.

Can I take Agent O with my energy drink or fat burner or other products that contain stimulants?
It would be best to keep a gap of 3-4 hrs. in between taking Agent O and a fat-burner such as Animal Cuts. In regards to energy drinks, we'd generally advise not consuming another energy drink along with Agent O.

Should I follow any special diet while on the Alpha Testing Program?
We suggest that you stick to a similar diet that you were on prior to Alpha Testing so that all variables will stay the same.

How much water should I use to mix Agent O with?
Recommended water amount would be 4-6 oz.

When can I begin Agent O?
We ask that you start Agent O right away. Your valuable feedback will tell us what our next step is with Agent O. The sooner you start, the faster decisions can be made in regards to its status.

When should give you a final summary report of Agent O?
Whether you use all the doses we provide or not, we ask that all final comments be submitted no later than 10/18/10.