Guys you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, and I have two people that ALL of the Animals would like to thank....and you can bet they all will chime in here on their own, thats our very own J Dawg and Jess. J Dawg set up this forum, and listened to our MILLIONS of suggestions and gripes and hand picked many of the Watchmen here....a cool dude to hang around and work with, always in a good mood and listens to our complaining all the time, my hats off to my boy J. Jess...where do I start. It's an HONOR to be in The Cage....4 years running! It appears we go in....hang with hot chicks, sell stuff, sign posters, lift heavy ass weights and have fun....without Jess, NONE of it is possible guys. Jess organizes everything. I spoke to many fans who think we are ALL from NJ and actually train together etc..I WISH! Jess flies us all in, makes sure we get enough to eat, makes our schedule, makes sure we eat together, gets the Animal girls together for the show, and with the help of Alex and many others at HQ, makes it happen. Jess.....THANK YOU from all of us, your hard work makes every Arnold special, because of you we can concentrate on what it is we love to do, please the fans. Trust me guys... Jess totally rocks!!!! Many ask how I train for The Cage, I do a full 12 week power cycle for The Cage and treat it like the world championships, it is far more than an exhibition for me, if you have seen me in the Cage Im certain you can tell I put my whole heart into it. It is my favorite show of the year. Jess also makes sure we get TOP NOTCH uniforms, and this year's was the best ever. Its an honor to be an Animal, and you can bet you will see Sgt Rock next year should the phone ring!!!!!

Semper Fi
Sgt Rock